Poshmark vs Ebay – Where to SELL like Crazy in 2021?

Poshmark vs Ebay

There are probably more than a few items in your closet that have just been piling up on top of one another taking up space. A top that doesn’t fit or shoes that you don’t like anymore – whatever the case may be, you’ve been trying to come up with a way to clear up space. For this, in this blog we will compare Poshmark vs Ebay to clear up your closet much quicker and to earn maximum profits.

Digital marketplaces such as Poshmark and eBay have provided a platform for resellers to sell off apparel, accessories, shoes and so much more! Think of them as mobile thrift stores.

Poshmark and eBay are two of the world’s leading marketplaces with 40 million and 182 million users, respectively. However, when it comes to selling on Poshmark or eBay, it’s important to understand that while the general use for both websites might be similar, they operate on different schematics.

From demographics to listings and fees, there are several differences between the two.

Poshmark vs Ebay: Difference Between Poshmark and Ebay:

Market Demographics:

If you were to put up an image on a social media site and caption the image with a price, it would technically be considered as a listing. However, what separates just any social site from a dedicated marketplace is the audience. Let’s compare the Market Demographics of Poshmark vs Ebay.

Poshmark and eBay have a dedicated audience who are there specifically there with the intent to either buy or sell. Understanding market demographics and how Poshmark is compared with eBay is crucial for sellers since it allows for exposure, growth, and ultimately revenue.

Poshmark Ebay
Poshmark was created in 2011 with one clear intent – to resell clothing. Over the years, the site has expanded to include listings for appliances and electronics as well. However, Poshmark is still predominantly seen as an apparel marketplace.

The user-base on Poshmark consists of users in their late teens to early thirties. It’s important to understand that Poshmark operates on an Instagram-able schematic. Buyers and sellers are required to create a social platform giving rise to a sense of community.

While Poshmark might have a smaller user-base than eBay, the audience on Poshmark is specifically looking for clothing. With a more social schematic, the audience is more inclined to follow profiles of buyers who appeal aesthetically to them.

With over 182 million users, eBay has a more diverse user-base. However, this diversity does not play well for a dedicated reseller. The site caters to a range of categories and sub-categories. If you’re predominantly selling clothing or fashion items, eBay creates a sub-category listing for you.

Since eBay caters to a larger audience and has more extensive listings, there are often repeats of the same listing. However, to counter this, the site offers auctions. Buyers on eBay are looking for a good bargain.

While Poshmark offers lowballing as well, eBay users signal out cheaper items and auction on an item. It’s a hub for bargain hunters. The pro to eBay is the fact that it caters to an international audience whereas Poshmark operates solely in the US.

Costs – Poshmark vs eBay Shipping and Selling:

There are several factors to consider when listing an item for sale on a digital platform. Primarily, sellers have to assess their profits which are inherently linked to the site’s commission, shipping costs, and so forth. Let’s compare the entire Shipping and Selling on Poshmark vs Ebay.

Profit Assessment on Poshmark:

Poshmark takes 20% commission from every sale you make over $15 and $2.95 for every sale under that. Someone new to the reselling game might see this as an immediate red-flag, but Poshmark makes up for it in shipping.

When a deal has been finalized, a seller’s work is essentially over. They don’t have to worry about shipping costs because Poshmark takes care of it for them! All a seller has to do is print out a label from Poshmark and send it on USPS priority mail.

Shipping comes up at $6.95 per 5 lbs or below and is paid for by the buyer on receiving their order.

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Poshmark operates on a community guided schematic whereby resellers have to actively maintain an engaging feed. Having to constantly share, re-share and follow can be labor intensive.

To free up space for more business critical tasks, Poshmark Pro Tools allows an automated software to engage fellow users by sharing items onto Posh parties, main pages and following fellow Poshers.

It’s an easy and effective Poshmark Bot that understands and works around Poshmark’s schematics to keep your closet prominent to buyers. Effectively increasing sales and boosting revenue. Take your hobby up a notch and turn it into a business with Poshmark Pro Tools. Watch your closet sell itself!

Profit Assessment on eBay:

eBay takes 10% for every sale you make. However, there’s also a 3% PayPal fee per transaction coming up at a total of 13%. Selling costs on eBay are markedly less than those on Poshmark.

When it comes to shipping, eBay lets you be the judge of that. You can work out a deal with the buyer whereby they pay for shipping or you do. Additionally, you would have to figure out postal costs and in some cases, international costs.

Return Policies:

Your goal is to finalize a deal and let that be the end of it. No seller looks forward to seeing an email from a buyer after their package has been shipped unless it’s a positive review on their page.

Return policies have to haggle-free and friendly for both the seller and the buyer. Let’s compare the return policies on Poshmark vs Ebay.

Return Policies on Poshmark:

Here’s the thing: When you sign up on Poshmark, you’re required to enter your credit card details as a prerequisite. In doing so, the company wards off scammers and encourages fair play.

This also eliminates the need to include PayPal. After a sale has been made and a buyer confirms his or her purchase, Poshmark collects the amount. This amount is not given directly to the seller. The seller in turn has to wait 72 hours until the buyer receives the package to check for authenticity before the money is transferred to the seller’s account.

If a buyer disputes the deal citing inaccurate description (or anything of the sort), Poshmark operates as a mock trial whereby the buyer and seller have to present their case. Poshmark gives its final verdict and can either release the amount to the seller or transfer it back to the buyer.

Return Policies on eBay:

eBay has been in the game since 1995 and has come out with numerous ways to ward off scammers. However, users are still required to be vigilant since payments are made primarily through PayPal.

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While sellers do have the option to make transactions through platforms other than PayPal, international shipping is made easier through it. Now, here’s the problem: PayPal allows users to dispute a transfer as much as 180-days after initially sending the sum.

In case someone tries to scam you out of a deal, eBay offers a 24-hour customer service helpline. Their employees are trained to deal and educate sellers on how to avoid scams. Poshmark, on the other hand, has a slower response team correspondence through email.


Do clothes sell faster on eBay or Poshmark?

Poshmark. You’re asking about clothing here and Poshmark has become a name commonly used in association with selling clothing. However, you might have a stroke of luck on eBay too.

Is it worth selling on Poshmark?

Most new resellers shudder at the thought of having to pay a 20% commission on each sale. However, with minimal shipping costs, Poshmark tries to compensate for any lost margins.

Poshmark has been considered by some sellers as better than eBay when it comes to their audience and return policies.

Can you make money on Poshmark?

According to 40 million users, yes! Reselling is taken up as an occupation by some people who make hundreds of dollars.

Would it be helpful to cross-post on both marketplaces?

Poshmark eBay cross-posting, in fact cross-posting for any marketplace is always advised by pioneer resellers. It increases likelihood for your product to sell. However, market demographics play a role in how fast your product sells.

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