Poshmark 30 Minute Method: Everything You Need To Know!

Poshmark 30 Min Method

If you are reading this article about Poshmark 30 Minute Method then either you are already selling on Poshmark or you are probably thinking of getting a start on it.

Getting good regular sales on Poshmark is not an easy thing to achieve. Especially, when you are a new person to Poshmark who doesn’t know much about the online reselling platform. It is quite possible that after a certain time you might get demotivated and embarrassed with your Poshmark closet.

The 30-minute method can help in getting fast sales on Poshmark. There are great chances that if you have been selling for long enough, you might have heard about the 30-minute method for selling more items on Poshmark. It’s a method that involves multiple steps to please the Poshmark servers and magically getting increased sales in your closet.

Here, we will be reviewing the Poshmark 30 Minute Method. So let’s start:

What Is The Poshmark 30 Minute Method?

The Poshmark 30 Minute Method or commonly known as Poshmark 30MM is a method that has been developed by Lyn Cromar in the year 2017. The 30-minute method is meant to increase both followers and sales on Poshmark.

poshmark 30 minute method guide

Lyn Cromar herself developed this system after getting through multiple trials and errors. Once she analyzed, what worked the best for her closet. Till now, many of the sellers on Poshmark use 30mm as their daily 30 minutes Poshmark routine.

In short, the this method includes:

  1. Share 30 items from your closet.
  2. Share 30 items from your feed.
  3. Follow Poshmark ambassadors.
  4. List/Relist 3 items.
  5. Share 10 new Poshers.
  6. Return love on Poshmark (follow/share those who follow you).

Does The Poshmark 30MM Work?

On the basis of experiences of many Poshmark sellers, we can say that the 30-minute method works to some extent. It has been found that many of the Poshmark sellers have gotten immediate success with the 30-minute method.

Many of them found a huge jump in their number of followers along with increased sharing from other users. Moreover, they saw a drastic increase in sales! All this through a simple method that involves only 30 minutes of effort.

You may not necessarily have to follow all of the 30MM steps, all at once, in the exact order. As long as you are performing some of the 30-minute method tasks, you will stay in Poshmark’s good graces. Being active on the platform is the key to greater sales numbers and the 30-minute method provides you the way to do that!

Is 30mm Still Effective?

There is a lot of contradiction among Poshmark sellers who have implemented 30MM. Some of them think that applying the 30-minute method has brought nothing to their closet. However, some of the sellers claim that they have gotten more sales after using the 30MM.

Since the method has worked for some of the sellers so we can say that it is still effective to some extent!

What’s The Problem With 30 Minute Method?

The only problem with this method is that it says you should do only 30 shares per day. If you limit your activity to only 30 item shares per day then you will lose out against those sellers who share their entire closet.

problems with poshmark 30 minute method

Why Is It Effective To Share Your Entire Closet?

The algorithm on which Poshmark works is quite simple. Whenever you share an item on Poshmark, that item shows up on top of the feeds of all your followers.

That’s the reason why the idea to limit your shares to 30 items for a single day not sounds very convincing. Perhaps, it will make you miss out on many of the engagements and sales. So the better way is to share the entire closet 2-3 times per day.

Is There Anyway To Share Faster On Poshmark?

30 minutes seems to be very less to completely implement this method. Even if you opt for sharing the entire closet, you have to do it manually which will take a great time. So how will you do it?

poshmark bot for 30 minute method

Well, you can get a Poshmark share bot! A reliable sharing bot for Poshmark like Poshmark Pro Tools can be mighty effective in sharing items. It can even share your entire closet within no time and that too without any human involvement.

Should I Go For 30 Minute Method?

There is no authentic proof if the 30-minute method works effectively or not. However, we recommend you to give it a try for at least once as the method has worked for some sellers. So it’s always a good option to have a trial and see how the thing goes!

Final Verdict:

The 30-minute method is the basics of Poshmark Analytics. The method can lead part-time Poshmark sellers to a dependable income.

So start today and see consistent daily sales in a few days. Make sure to keep the momentum going by doing it regularly.

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