1. I am getting a Red Stop Sign, and the shares / follows are not working

This means the app is paused because of Captcha, you need to solve captcha manually.


How Can I Solve Captcha Manually:

  • If app were sharing and a stop sign appear, then open your closet on any browser or use Pro tools browser (NOT POSHMARK Mobile APP), share any listing, you will see “i am not a robot” popup and Google 4×4 image puzzle, solve that, and return to pro tools and click continue/start, shares will start working


  • If app were following closets, then from your closet, follow any closet and solve captcha there. The app will start following once the captcha is cleared.


P.N> The captcha of share and follows are different, solving captcha from share will not clear the stop of following.


Inorder to solve captchas automatically, pro tools have 2captcha support. You can use 2captcha api.



  1. How can I add 2captcha in pro tools app, so captchas get solved automatically?

If you want to add 2captcha support in pro tools app, you need to signup to 2captcha, and load credit. Once an account is created, get an API key from 2captcha website dashboard, copy the key and add it in pro tools and click configure.

Pro tools Menu -> Settings -> 2captcha api key


Signup to 2captcha from below link

Signup for 2captcha


For Poshmark Pro tools Schedules, 2captcha is required.


  1. What is and how to setup delay protection on Pro Tools?

Delay Protection forces some delays during sharing/ following, this adds extra security to account.


Delay protection is found under Pro tools Settings, you can enable and disable from there, by default its enabled.


Delay protection will make sure your sharing/following delay must be greater than 5 seconds, and adds 1 minute delay after every 100 shares/follows.


P.N> If you want the shares/ follows to get completed quickly you can disable Delay Protection



  1. How to activate Purchased Poshmark Pro Tools software from trial version?

You will get a new key on your email once a purchase is done successfully, use that key and activate your pro tool app.

Trial key is different than paid key, so make sure you are using correct key.


If key is not received in inbox, please check Spam folder too.


  1. I am not getting Pro tools Email, what should i do?

Please check your spam folder, we always reply every email within 1-2 days. If there is no email in spam, then try to email us with some other email address, sometimes your email provider blocks emails from unknown email addresses.


  1. How to activate the Poshmark Pro Tools App?

Once you get a License key, copy the key and paste it in pro tools license key box, under Activate Menu and click Activate button.


  1. What to do when your computer crashed and the software was installed in there?

Install app again and activate it with your key. During activation app warns that the key is already activated on some other pc, accept the alert and app will get activated on your new pc.


  1. I dont want to pay using paypal, do you have any other option of payment?

Yes we can create a special case for credit/debit card payment, but for payment through debit/credit card only 6 month subscription or 1year can be purchased.


  1. I want to switch my Pro Tools software to some other computer.

Just install app on new computer and activate it with your license key, during activation app may alerts that the key is already activated on some other pc, you want to switch, so accept the alert and app will gets activated.


  1. What are the rules for refund?

We provide free 3 days trial, so we assume a purchase is made after the testing.

However in some scenarios a refund can be made, do email pro tools incase you want a refund.


  1. What to do when nothing appears to your browser after activating the app?

If the browser of pro tools is not showing the poshmark page, then follow below steps.

  1. Install Firefox browser on your computer and restart pro tools app. If it still showing empty page, then
  2. From pro tools menu, click on settings and then under configuration and uncheck change browser, it will start showing the browser



  1. Is there an actual app that can be used on mobile devices?

No, we haven’t launched a mobile version of the app but there is a way you can use it. if you install VNC/remote desktop app on your windows computer and then access pro tools from your mobile using the remote desktop app and there is a video tutorial for it. https://youtu.be/aZChOCTbfWU


  1. What to do, if I did not receive an activation key?

You can email us back and ask for it.

You can get your trial key from poshmark tools website, client area too.



  1. What are the requirements to activate the software?

Your windows computer must have internet explorer 9 or above.

Dot net framework 4.6 or above.

Usually all computers have the above software’s installed already.


  1. What to do when I am unable to add my closet name in Pro tools sharing?

Make sure all checkboxes in share closet tab is unchecked in Poshmark Pro tools Software.


If you check share my available items, there is no need to provide closet name app will get login closet name itself and share it’s all items


  1. What are the keyword base follow?

In Keyword base following, what keyword user provides, software fetches listings that has given keyword in their title, and follow the closets who liked, commented or posted that listings


  1. Will I get any assistance after purchasing the app?

Yes. We are here to guide and assist you along the way.


  1. What to do when I get “You are not allowed” or the start and stop buttons are disabled?

It means your subscription is expired/ cancelled or software is not activated, so purchase a subscription or activate with your License key.


  1. What to do when after purchasing the app, I only have MAC?

You will get refund.


  1. Do I have to disabled my antivirus before extracting the app?

It depends if during installing the app, your app is not running, then Yes, disable antivirus and check. Pro tools is compliant with most of the antiviruses, usually app installed without any problem.


  1. Do I have to keep the license key?

Yes, for future use.


  1. Will the software works on multiple computers at the same time?

No, pro tools 1 license will activate your app on 1 pc, however you a shift license, but you can’t run 2 apps on different pc’s at the same time.


  1. What if the app is only sharing one of the items from my closets?

Please marke sure your closet Poshmarket is set to ALL.


  1. Can I give time in minutes in Poshmark scheduler?

No, poshmark tools start sharing as the computer clocks hits same hour as mentioned in pro tools schedule.

The hour column runs on 0-23 hour format, like you want to start sharing at 9pm, so type 21 in hour column.


  1. What to do when I am having trouble logging in?

If you keep getting captchas during login, please change pro tools browser

In pro tools settings, uncheck change browser and try again.


  1. Is update of pro tools is free or it costs?

Its free for all active subscribers.


  1. Will you be able to send me an email whenever there is an update with it?



  1. What if the software never loads? Can not open the program and flashes like a window applications and disappears?

Try to run poshmark pro tools after disabling antivirus

  1. If I have an older subscription, do I still have to buy a monthly subscription?

NO you don’t have to unless your subscription expired.


  1. How can I cancel my subscription?

Login to Poshmark tools client area and cancel subscription from there



  1. Is cancelling the subscription, stops software access immediately?

Yes, as soon as subscription is cancelled, you can’t be able to use app after that, even your subscription has some days left.


  1. What is the maximum number of loops we can do when sharing?

The maximum loops are the maximum time you want the shares, so it can be as many as you want but try to make the numbers reasonable.



  • Quantity of listings are how many listings you want to share.


So lets say you want 300 community shares 5 time, so quantity of loop will be 5, and quantity of listings will be 300, and app will share 300 listings from your feed 5 times (each time it will be a new feed listings) in total it will be 1500 community shares


  • The delay after loop is how much time you want the app to pause after each loop, and it’s in seconds


let’s say you want the app to wait 5 minute so type 300 (60 *5), and app will wait 300 seconds and will continue after that


The delays in pro tools can be random too, to make it more humanly, for random delay you will give 2 values like 300,720, now app will get any random value between 300 to 720 and wait for that seconds


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