Where Do Poshmark Sellers Get Their Inventory

Where Do Poshmark Sellers Get Their Inventory

Have you ever scrolled through Poshmark, marveling at the incredible and unique items listed on the marketplace? If yes then you might have wondered, where do these sellers find all this great stuff to sell?

Well, you’re not alone! Many new poshers are often curious about where do Poshmark sellers get their inventory from. In this blog post, we’ll unveil the best places from where you can source inventory for reselling on Poshmark.

From thrift stores and yard sales to flea markets and consignment shops, we’ll cover every place from where you can find items at cheaper prices and list them in your Poshmark closet. So. let’s begin:

Where Do Poshmark Sellers Get Their Inventory?

1- Your Own Closet / Closets of Your Family & Friends

Your Own Closet or Closets of Your Family & Friends

When starting out, many Poshmark sellers begin with items they already own. They go through their closets, looking for clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories that are in good condition but no longer needed. This might include items that don’t fit anymore, gifts that weren’t used, or clothing that no longer match their style.

Posh sellers also often find forgotten items at the back of their closets or in storage. They might discover designer items they bought on a whim or trendy items from past years. Even gently used everyday items can be valuable on Poshmark.

Reaching out to family and friends and asking them to give you items from their closets that they no longer use also helps in sourcing inventory for Poshmark reselling. Many Poshmark sellers offer to help acquaintances clean out their closets, taking unwanted items to sell. Some arrange a profit-sharing agreement, while others might buy the items outright at a low cost.

This sourcing method is great for beginners because it requires no upfront investment. It also helps new Poshmark sellers learn what sells well before they start buying inventory.

2- Thrift Stores

Thrift Stores Sourcing

Thrift store sourcing, often called “thrifting,” is another popular way for Poshmark resellers to source inventory. Thrift stores sell secondhand items donated by the public or sourced from unsold retail stock.

Successful thrifting requires knowledge of brands, what’s trending, and what sells best on Poshmark. Poshmark sellers often research before sourcing items from thrift stores, looking for in-demand items and brands.

When thrifting, sellers inspect items carefully for any damage or wear. They look for items that are clean, in good condition, and preferably with original tags still attached. Some sellers focus on specific categories like vintage clothing, designer brands, or items that are in trend.

Thrift stores often have sale days or color tag discounts, which smart resellers use to maximize their profits. Some resellers visit multiple thrift stores regularly, building relationships with staff to learn about new arrivals.

While thrifting requires some investment, the potential for profit is high. Online resellers often buy items for a few dollars and sell them for much more on Poshmark.

3- Estate Sales

Estate Sale Sourcing Poshmark

Estate sales are great for finding and sourcing high-quality, often vintage items. These sales are typically organized by professional companies when someone passes away or moves to assisted living. They usually last 2-3 days, with prices dropping each day.

Look for designer clothing, accessories, and jewelry at estate sales. You might find entire collections of handbags, shoes, or vintage dresses. Check closets, dressers, and even attics for hidden gems.

Many estate sale companies now post detailed listings online, including photos. This allows you to plan which estate sales to attend. Some even offer pre-sale opportunities to serious buyers.

Be prepared for competition at big estate sales. Bring a measuring tape, magnifying glass, and smartphone to research brands and values on the spot. Don’t forget to examine items carefully for any damage or wear.

4- Yard Sales

Yard Sales Poshmark Sourcing

Yard sales are more casual and often less organized than estate sales. They’re great for finding low-cost items to resell on Poshmark. Look for sales in affluent neighborhoods to source branded items.

Early morning is the best time for yard sales. However, late afternoon can also be good as sellers often offer steep discounts to clear out remaining items.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate at yard sales. Many sellers are simply looking to declutter and may accept lower offers, especially for bulk purchases. Always be polite and respectful in your negotiations.

Look beyond clothing at yard sales. Home decor items, craft supplies, and even fabric can sell well on Poshmark. Keep an eye out for items still with tags or in their original packaging.

5- Flea Markets

Flea Markets Poshmark Sourcing

Many Poshmark sellers also head to Flea markets to source inventory for online reselling. You will find both professional vendors and individual sellers in flea markets, and the variety of items you will find there is diverse.

Some flea market vendors deal in vintage clothing or accessories while others sell new items from store overstock. Build relationships with vendors who consistently have items that you are interested in reselling on Poshmark.

Moreover, flea markets are great for finding unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that stand out on Poshmark. Look for handmade items, vintage accessories, or quirky fashion pieces that appeal to specific subcultures.

Many flea markets happen regularly, allowing you to build a routine for sourcing. Some even offer early admission for a fee, which can be worth it for serious resellers.

6- Consignment Shops

Consignment Shops

Consignment shops are one of the best places for Poshmark sellers to find and source inventory. These shops sell pre-loved items at cheaper places. You can find all sorts of things there, like clothes, accessories, home decor, and furniture.

One big advantage of consignment shops is that you can often bargain for better prices. This is similar to thrift stores. If you’re looking for unique or vintage items, these shops can be treasure troves. You might find rare pieces that stand out for their originality or creativity.

When shopping at consignment shops, it’s smart to research prices beforehand. Check online to see what similar items are selling for. For vintage items, you might need to do extra research because they can be worth more, especially if they’re part of a limited edition collection.

7- Online Arbitrage

Online Arbitrage

Online arbitrage is another great way for Poshmark sellers to source their inventory. This means buying items from online brand retailers at low prices and then reselling them for a profit. It’s a good way to keep Poshmark listings fresh, which buyers love.

Many big brands like Michael Kors, Macy’s, and Tory Burch often have seasonal sales. As a seller, you can look through their sales pages to find great deals on brand-new items. These can be perfect for reselling on Poshmark.

To stay on top of these sales, consider subscribing to the email lists of your favorite brands. This way, you’ll get notifications about upcoming sales and can be one of the first to grab the best deals. It’s a smart way to get branded items at low prices, which you can then sell on Poshmark for a profit.

8- Online Marketplaces for Secondhand Items

Online Marketplaces for Secondhand Items

Online marketplaces are a great source for Poshmark sellers to find inventory. These include popular sites like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.

These platforms are full of secondhand items that people are looking to sell. As a Poshmark seller, you can search for things that are in high demand on Poshmark. Some examples are designer handbags, vintage jewelry, and limited edition sneakers.

When browsing these sites, it’s important to be careful. Always check the condition of the item before buying. Some sellers might not describe the item accurately, so look closely at any pictures provided.

It’s also smart to research the value of an item before purchasing. This helps ensure you can make a profit when reselling on Poshmark. Look at what similar items are selling for on Poshmark to get an idea of potential profit.

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