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Can I Get In Trouble For Using A Poshmark Bot?

Can I Get In Trouble For Using A Poshmark Bot?

There is alot of controversy on this subject and whether it is against the terms of service set out by the selling platform.

Using a bot IS against Poshmarks TOS, and if they wanted to, they can ban you and kick you off whenever they want…


In their terms of service, they can kick you off and ban you for ANY REASON THEY FEEL LIKE.

Feel the Posh Love yet?

Taken directly from their TOS:


You agree that Poshmark, in its sole discretion, may suspend or terminate your account (or any part thereof) or use of the Service and remove and discard any items or content within the Service, for any reason, including, without limitation, for lack of use or if Poshmark believes that you have violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of these Terms of Service. Any suspected fraudulent, abusive or illegal activity that may be grounds for termination of your use of Service, may be referred to appropriate law enforcement authorities. Poshmark may also in its sole discretion and at any time discontinue providing the Service, or any part thereof, with or without notice. You agree that any termination of your access to the Service under any provision of these Terms of Service may be effected without prior notice, and acknowledge and agree that Poshmark may immediately deactivate or delete your account and all related information and files in your account and/or bar any further access to such files or the Service. Further, you agree that Poshmark shall not be liable to you or any third-party for any termination of your access to the Service.

Now. let me explain to you why you WONT get banned.

If you watch some YouTube videos about bots and Poshmark, or go on Instagram and watch ignorant people talk about how bots are causing Poshmark to crash, you’ll notice that it’s always the same people saying the same things. There’s a reason for this.

The popular reseller bullies don’t want you to see what they are REALLY up to and will try to scare you because they dont want to see you succeed. And this is why they stay on top.

can i get in trouble for using a poshmark bot

First off there are plenty of things that “Popular Reseller Influencers” are doing that are just as, if not, MORE shady than using a bot, and WAY MORE against terms of service.

For example, I see some majorly big closets using stock photos ripped right from original clothing companies websites (thats against copyright law), I also see “reseller role models” selling non-Poshmark-compliant items in their closets.

Some of these HUUGE name resellers (I wont mention names) have already admitted to using bots (the same people who have spoken out against them).

Again I wont name name, but there are also alot of influencers who have used / bought our product too! (We dont give our client information, so, dont worry… as long as your our customer, your safe 🙂 )

I’ve even witnessed some of these “influencers” directly say they “work for Poshmark” and threaten people, but yet… Nothing is done to them. And some of their wrong doings are actually against the LAW and a criminal offense.

Using automation may be against TOS, BUT it is NOT against the LAW.

Poshmark makes more money when you share more listings because more people are buying your items!

Trust me, Poshmark knows exactly how much revenue bots bring them in.

can i get in trouble for using a poshmark bot

If you think for one second that Poshmark really cares if you use a bot or not, you may be in for a surprise.

First and foremost, they are a BUSINESS, the whole point of a business is to make MONEY no matter how they do it.

You sometimes hear about people getting kicked off of Poshmark and their accounts shut down.

Alot of that is a myth, the reason most of those accounts got shut down is because they SCAMMED someone or harrassed someone multiple times, or threatened someone, so they have to make an example. The LAST thing they want to do is get rid of someone or something that makes them money.

Think about it, if you were a business and you KNEW that half of the revenue you made was from people using bots, would you ban them all? They wont do that, because it wouldnt just be them selves they would be hurting, it’s the investors & the employees.

So, before you freak out, or you know someone who is currently freaking out, either send them this blog post, or explain to them that if they were going to get banned, it would have happened already. And Poshmark wants you to keep making them MONEY!

Which Poshmark Bot is the safest one to use?

If you were going to use a bot, use Poshmark Pro Tools. It is proven time and time again, to be the most elusive & discreet automation.

With human-like sharing and following patterns & randomized delay settings, over 2,000 clients have not been detected, or ever banned.

Auto Sharing – Auto Following – Auto ENL – Auto Sharebacks Auto Captcha Solving + WAYYY MORE at your fingertips.

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Poshmark ENL Bot – The Next Level of The Poshmark Bot

Poshmark ENL Bot – The Next Level of The Poshmark Bot

poshmark enl bot

The age of automation is officially here. You can now rely on automated tools like the ENL Bot to not only simplify the work process but also to save time for many of your online functions that need to be repeated daily to see targeted sale results. With the Poshmark Pro Tools ENL Bot, we have already started taking major steps in this direction.

The new automated ENL bot is the latest in this line-up of convenient tools featured. The tool has been developed specifically for Poshmark app users who are strictly following the 30 Minute Method to increase their listing leads. Tired of repeating the Edit Next List command repeatedly every day for increased closet views? The automated ENL takes the sting out of the repeated action but increases the listing results for your closets. Here is a look at the detailed features of the new ENL bot at Poshmark.

What is the ENL (Edit Next List) Process?

The edit next list options allows you to share your closet items without having to go through re-listing repeatedly. You can simply use the ENL process to send your closet listings to the top of the everyday feed each time.

You can use the feature multiple times a day, which will increase the number of times your items are actually seen by fresh target audiences. There is a direct proportional relation of the number of people seeing your listing to the number of sales you can get out of the process.

Golden rules to maximize sales on Poshmark while adding ENL to the mix

  • Always respond to every comment you receive on the listings all through the day.
  • Make sure your customer service option is always above reproach for all your loyal clients.
  • Be a regular at the Posh parties – especially the ones arranged between 8-10 PM (hours might vary according to time zones) every night. This 2-hour frame has a record of always contributing to the most sales for every lister who is a regular attendee.
  • Use the Poshmark automated ENL bot to share every listing of your closet starting from the last one to the most recent. Every listing should be taken through automated Edit – Next- List at least once. Where it used to take about 5 minutes to complete the action per listing, with the automated bot, it will take seconds now to be done with this vital step in your sales strategy, saving you a huge chunk of time in the process.
  • The ENL protocol is specifically important during the Posh Party timeframe so your entire closet finds its place of glory in the Posh Party Showroom for maximum attention during the event. In fact, Poshers have been tracked to be back at the showroom time and again throughout the party to browse and select products. Your listing featured prominently in the party showroom at the peak traffic hours will yield the best sales conversion results.
  • A drool worthy cover image for your listing will always be a great crowd-puller. However, make sure you only display what you are willing to include in actual sales.
  • You need to keep sharing your listing during the peak party hours and frequently throughout the day or your listing will lose its rank in the brand and eventually have lesser visitors.
  • The ENL bot simplifies the sharing option but please note that you can share (without editing) unlimited times on the platform. If you intend to edit the description, the brand or the category options, you can only use the ENL option 3 times for each listing in that case.
  • Combine the drop prices option with the ENL feature to popularize your closet sales. The best tip by Poshmark veteran sellers is to set a steady day for the sales. This could then easily become an anticipated affair amongst your followers. It creates a buzz when you use the ENL to start announcing the sale about a few hours ahead of time. During the set hours, it can be your peak sale momentum. The set hours will also ensure your sale trends towards the maximum during these days so you can also schedule your closet stocking and Poshmark scheduling accordingly.
  • Combine the price drop options with certain actions to positively reinforce the pattern. So, for instance, you can announce a 10% drop on prices on specific listings, which have collected more than 30-40+ likes. The price drop notification mainly goes to those poshers who have opted to like those listings. This encourages more followers to take interest in your weekly listings and to make sure they have liked the ones that have specific items that they covet. This way they can eagerly wait for the price drop opportunity at the set days of the week on individual listings.
  • Take the time to follow your followers back. It is a tedious process, which surprisingly yields immediate results with increased traffic to your closet listings.
  • Share listings that you admire to builds a loyal network of poshers on the platform. They will return the favor for your collections once you start connecting with them regularly making sure your listings gain a traffic boost. The ENL bot comes in to play here as well. You can also use the automated feature to set sharing goals. Each day make sure to complete a set number of shares without losing time in the three-step process. Instead, use the time for browsing through the many closets to scope out the best ones you like and then share those with your followers.
  • Finally, the Host-Pick showroom is another glaring opportunity to network on Poshmark. Do not forget to connect with the hosts that have impressed you with their hot picks. A positive community will always stand by you to give your collections a more likely showcase on their profiles. The best thing is the traffic boost is just an organic outcome for sharing some positivity and support around.

Share tips for max sales:

  1. Share your listings.
  2. Share other people’s listings (community shares) that you know will impress your followers.
  3. Share your closets most popular listings with a price drop feature to invite more followers to like your collections for such sale options in the future.
  4. Relist old collections, which still have items that have not been sold out (you can ENL these).
  5. Relist collections at alternate days to give a fresh breath of life to recent listings that still have products available for sale.
  6. Share collections of Host Picks.
  7. Share the active closet listings at a set frequency throughout the Posh night party hours or consistently bring the listing at the top of the page. Since this is a peak hour on the platform, do not underestimate the competition of shares coming in during this time. However, the ENL bot should be a godsend during this action strategy. Make sure though, to have a clean delay frequency between the shares to not overwhelm the community with awkward re-shares at rapid periods during the party (start slow, 10,15 then decrease gradually until you hit a sweet spot and you sharing at the same frequency as everyone else, it’s like entering a highway from an on ramp).

Main Features Of The Poshmark Pro Tools ENL Bot:

  1. One-time payment to avail the product for life.
  2. Listing Editor – The listing editor feature to allow for both whole closet and individual listing ENL. The feature also allows you to select multiple items to share and set them up in the module to let the ENL continue at a set frequency while you focus on other works.
  3. Keyword Search – You can filter your listings by keyword, singling out only the listings you would like to ENL.

If you are still wondering whether the ENL bot is for you, take the time to manually Edit- Next –List your Poshmark closet for a while. The dedicated benefits of the feature itself will hold a great sway on your decision to invest in the ENL bot from Poshmark Pro Tools. The ENL feature is quite possibly the most underused effective feature of the platform. The ENL bot exponentially increases sales on Poshmark.

If you are interested, get yours HERE!!

How to Sell Wholesale on Poshmark

poshmark wholesale

Where To Source Your Wholesale And Thrifted Items

For Poshmark And OTHER Sites LIKE Poshmark!


Mike here… Today I want to talk about how to source wholesale clothing and Thrift items that you can resell in your Poshmark closet.

This can also work for eBay, Tradesy, Mercari, Depop and anything or anywhere else you’re allowed to list pre-owned and wholesale items.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of people, on video giving a lot of information that is misleading as to where you should source your items. most of these people have relationships with these businesses and wholesale sources that have taken years to cultivate, and they expect you to just waltz in there and get the same deals that they get.

Either these “influencers” really don’t understand that they are giving people false information, or they are just looking to make content to fill up their YouTube channel, Blog, podcast… ETC.

Anyway I’m here to speak about a few things that I personally know, and speak about a few places that I have personally been and have sourced items from.

There are 3 places that I mainly use to source wholesale clothing, or thrifted pre-owned items that I know I’ll be able to sell for a good profit margin. When I say good profit margin I mean anywhere from 50 to 75%.

The Goodwill

The first place I’d like to talk about are the Goodwill bins.   being at the bins is an experience in itself, for those of you who have never been there before it is truly a humbling experience. mainly because there are always 50 – 100 people around you rummaging and scouring all the clothes and items within the bins themselves… BUT you can truly find some hidden gems in this place.

The best part is you pay for clothes by the pound. When I went I paid a $1.25 to $1.50 per pound of clothing The bins are great for making mystery boxes! and finding a few single items you can list up that will sell really well, please make sure you inspect your items, and if you can do your best inspecting before you pay for them because all purchases are final.

The 2nd place is an online store called

This place has many pre-loved & pre owned items that you can purchase online and have shipped directly to you.
Please due you do-diligence and inspect the items after you have received them. 

You can also sell your pre-owned items to them!

Here is’s return policy

My 3rd and FAVORITE source is this place has it all, it is mainly a directory of wholesale sources that the owner has collected over the years of being in the business. every single Source has been vetted and confirmed by the owner of this directory. It is very inexpensive to purchase this directory, and for the amount of sources that you will be receiving it is almost too good to be true.

I found many luxury designer items, not just handbags,  but all sorts of clothing from 50 to 70% off of the retail price, sometimes even more! inside this directory there is more than just wholesale clothing sources, there are tips and a lot of valuable information about this business. it is very beneficial to read through all the information in this website The owner, throughout the years has helped thousands of people find authentic designer items At wholesale prices and have used this directory to start many of their own businesses, some just for personal uses.

This is how you should use this directory:

First, after you have purchased an account read all of the information at the top of the website, it will teach you how to use the directory to get the most out of it. then you should browse through the supplier lists on the left hand side and get in touch with some of the suppliers which you are interested in. most of the suppliers have websites that you can view their inventory online, some of which you need to contact them to view their inventory.

Some suppliers are not even allowed to show all of the brands that they have on the internet, some are under contracts with some of the designers and have signed non-disclosure agreements. that’s why you should always Contact the suppliers directly so you are able to get a feel for most of what they have.

This is the real deal, this is how a lot of the top sellers across all platforms do their business. They are getting in touch directly with wholesale clothing suppliers and wholesale designer items suppliers and creating their own personal relationships with these companies.

Now you have a good concentration of these companies right in front of your eyes, there is no scouring the internet, calling retailers and begging them to tell you their source! you now have a leg up in the competition and a head start!

Some companies will even allow you to dropship goods to your customers, so you will never have to hold inventory, ever!

To check out‘s directory, click =========> HERE


While all of these sources I have provided for you will definitely help you and are AMAZING, you should always do your own research, and check the authenticity of any item that you purchase if you come across any fake items, use your better judgement and don’t list it. This is better for you and your credibility as a seller, because once you’ve listed and sold one or two fake items people will know about it, word will get around fast, your reputation in this business is everything, don’t throw it away for a couple bucks.


How to Make More Sales on Poshmark – Poshmark Bot Strategies

Poshmark Bot Strategies – How to make more sales on Poshmark


We take an active interest in all of our customers’ accounts and success when it comes to selling on Poshmark.

We know it can be tough selling ANYTHING online, people seem to think, if you put something on the internet, MILLIONS of people will see your stuff, and you’ll become a MILLIONAIRE overnight.

Well, this is not the case.

You need more than just a website and products…Same goes for Poshmark.

If you just list your items, follow a couple of people, and expect to be flooded with orders, your in for a rude awakening.

Taking action is whats needed.

Engage with other closets,

If your closet traffic is stale, do not worry. Here’s some steps to take to stir the pot.

Community shares bring a tremendous amount of share backs and traffic to your closet.

  1. Community shares: Do this 1-2 times per day (Every Day)

    Here are the optimal settings for effective community shares in Poshmark Pro Tools:

how to make sales on poshmark

This will get you some share backs and will flow some traffic to your listings.

2. Share back mode:

Do this every day in the AM and Prime time (7pm – 10pm)

how to make more sales on poshmark

3. Target Follows (Do this every day at brunch time 10am – 12pm)

how to make consistent sales on poshmark

Dont forget to push start!

Your closet traffic boot camp schedule

Mon-Friday (or as much as you can)


9am – Community Shares (#1 on list)

11am – Target Follows (#3 on list)

1pm – Share your own closet (3 loops)

4pm – Share Backs (#2 on list)

7pm – Community shares

9pm – Share your own closet (2 loops)

Try doing this as much as you can!

Even 1 or 2 off of this list can make a difference in your closet’s traffic. You should be receiving a nice amount of engagements and notifications.. and ultimately, offers and sales!

Remember: if you do not have time to do this, you can always look into our closet services to help you out.

We have an exclusive automated platform that will manage your closet for you and perform the strategies listed above, EVERY DAY. If this is something you may be interested in, check out the Closet Management Page!


Introducing Poshmark Pro Tools SUITE

The Best Poshmark Bot
Just Got Even Better!

Poshmark Pro Tools is better than ever! Its a Poshmark bot, lead scraper and follow AND a Poshmark to Instagram cross-poster, ALL IN ONE!

This is taking Poshmark automation to warp-speed levels.


Poshmark Pro Tools SUITE:

Heres a preview:

Poshmark Pro Tools SUITE

poshmark suite

Poshmark Pro Tools SUITE

3 Of Our TOP Products, In ONE SOFTWARE.

With all of the same features you love.

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Poshmark Tips and Tricks: How To Run A Windows Poshmark Bot On A Mac

Poshmark Tips

Poshmark Tips on How To Run A Windows Poshmark Bot On A Mac

The never ending question I always get is:

“Do you support mac?”

The truth is, we didn’t build this Poshmark Bot with Mac user’s in mind. (I know, kind of 

prejudice right?) But for my whole life, I’ve always used Windows, and I still do now.

OS 2 Is a very stable operating system, and if I had the resources, I would have developed both versions from the start, perhaps I will one day… But for now, this Poshmark automation software is going to stay Windows based.

This doesn’t mean you are out of luck though! There are a number of ways even Mac user’s can own a Windows Poshmark bot and automate the selling on Poshmark.

Things we will need:

  1. Reliable and good Poshmark bots: (Poshmark Pro Tools & Poshmark Pro Leads)

This Poshmark bot is a winner right out of the gate, it’s fast, reliable…
How do I know this? Well, I sort of created it!

Poshmark Pro Tools has so many different modules, a few of them include:

Auto Following
Auto Sharing
Auto Unfollow
+ A TON More (We just released Version 3)

Click Here to try a 3 day trial.

2. VPS

What is a VPS?

It’s a Virtual Private Server, a computer you can connect to in the cloud.
You can basically have your own windows operating system at your fingertips, no matter which operating system you use.

You connect to the Windows VPS VIA RDP (Remote Desktop Platform)

Heres a Video of how to use the remote desktop on a Mac computer:

The Best (and cheapest) VPS to use for Poshmark bots:

We at Poshmark Pro Tools recommend Greencloud VPS to run our software,
it’s pretty cheap AND fast!

Their US1 VPS is based in the USA

-Price: $8 / Month
1 core
Windows Server 2008 R2

Click Here to check out Greencloud VPS

Once you are in the VPS, go to the Poshmark Pro Tools website, and download the trial, and start running it as you would any other windows software. Make sure you have .net framework installed, which you can find in out updates page.

Now you have yourself an awesome Poshmark bot, even though you have a Mac. And if I’m being honest, the $8 is nothing compared to the earnings you’ll be pulling from your Poshmark sales!

We hope this was informative and gave hope to some of you Mac users out there!


Using A Poshmark Bot To Make $1000 Selling On Poshmark In A Weekend.

Using A Poshmark Bot To Make $1000 Selling On Poshmark In A Weekend.

Selling on Poshmark can be frustrating, especially for newbies who are just learning the platform. Poshmark has many nooks and crannies, its easy to get lost amongst all the closets, clothes & more experienced Posher’s beating out all of the competition. It can seriously make all those hours of listing clothes & taking pictures seem futile!

Before you get angry… I have to tell you, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

price. Let’s say you once listed an item for $50 but raised the price to $60, you must lower your

I am going to share with you a golden nugget that will help you when it comes to selling on

Poshmark. It’s called the Closet Clear Out!

Closet Clear Out (or CCO) is a great way to move

inventory and make some fast cash. The first time I
participated in Closet Clear Out I sold a staggering 24 items, and made $1,635.15 within 3 days!

Using CCO and a Poshmark Bot for automation, you’ll be a sales machine!

How To Do A Closet Clear Out

To participate in Closet Clear Out you must lower the price of an item by 10% of its historical item to $45 (10% of its historical price) to qualify for CCO.

Once you have lowered your items by 10%, everyone who had previously “liked” your item
will receive a notification/email informing them of your recent price drop and offering them
discounted shipping on your item.

Honestly, $6.49 shipping on a $10 shirt could be a deal breaker, that’s why CCO is the time to get those discounted shipping offers out to your buyers. Discounted shipping is only available for 1 hour after lowering your price, so I suggest raising and lowering your price multiple times during CCO.

Another thing I offered a few potential buyers was to make a new listing of the item they want,
have them “like” it and immediately lower the price for them so they get the discounted shipping offer right away.

I sold many items that way and made my buyers feel appreciated and important.
CCO is only valid for items that have a final price of $10 and up.

You should keep in mind that Poshmark takes their 20% cut out of your sale so if lowering
your item by 10% of its historical price may be too low for you, you can delete your listing,
relist it at a price you could feel comfortable lowering by 10% so when CCO comes back
around you can participate and get your closet that extra attention.

Using Poshmark Automation To Make Sales

Now, go to and pick up a free trial of the best Poshmark automation
software on the market right now. Poshmark Pro Tools is a Poshmark bot that automates the entire sharing and following process.

Simply type in your closet name, and fill in the settings and your good to go.
Depending on how many available items you have, that’s what you’ll input into the “Available items” box, set your delay to 3 or 4 seconds, and loop delay to about 30 seconds.

Press “Start” and your closet will begin sharing automatically to all your followers.

You can pick how many loops of your closet you’d like to share also!

This makes Poshmark Pro Tools such a powerful tool , you will start seeing offers, bundles & shares start to light up the notifications on your phone.