How to Make Poshmark Signs aka Logos?

how to make poshmarks' signs

Hey there Poshers! You might be wondering what this article is all about and why we chose to cover it for you. 

Or maybe you’re just glad that someone FINALLY came up with a comprehensive guide for you to get your way around Poshmark signs. 

Either way here we are! Honestly, we understand how Poshmark can be a little tricky to navigate through. 

There are things and features that you might not understand in the first go but as you go on and discover them, things start getting easier and more fun.

One of these ‘things’ is making signs for your Poshmark closet. Trust us, it may seem like a bit of an extra effort for your closet but the outcome will be great for you overall. 

So, without further ado let’s dive right into these, see what they’re all about and how you can make them. 

What are Poshmark signs all about?

Okay, so what basically are these signs on Poshmark? We’ll try to explain them in the simplest words here.

So Poshmark signs are customized images and banners that you can upload into your listing. These signs can be in the form of a ‘Text only’ graphic or it can include any extra images as well. 

It’s almost like a cover page for your listing within your Poshmark closet.

You can keep it for sale or not for sale (we’ll get into the detail of that later on) as per your purpose and type of listing. 

But why would anyone care about these signs on Poshmark? Let’s find out. 

Why should you be making signs for your Poshmark?

Because it’s worth it! Yes, it is! But how? 

Well, these Poshmark bookmark signs are what people will see first when they visit your closet or that listing to be specific. 

It’s similar to a front cover of a book that authors and publishers use to ‘sell’ them. In the case of Poshmark, these signs for listings are what will attract people to your closet and your items. 

Naturally, you want to attract buyers to your listings, right? So you gotta make these signs as well. 

These signs or logos will be the ‘eye-catching’ part of your listing.  Generally, Poshmark sellers use it to give buyers a sneak peek into the whole purpose of their listing in their Poshmark closet. 

Remember: A creative sign is more likely to get people into visiting your closet and buying something than a boring one.

But how do you make these signs for Poshmark listings? 

Apps to help you make the perfect Poshmark signs

Poshmark signs are not a hard nut to crack. Especially not when you have several apps to help you out and make it super easy for you to do. 

Here are some apps that we’ve narrowed down that will help you make an effortless yet eye-catching sign for your Poshmark listings. 

All of them are super easy to use and it’s safe to say, you’ll end with some really cool Poshmark signs. 


Surprise surprise! Yes, you can make your Poshmark signs by using Instagram! 

All you have to do is use the ‘Add to your story’ feature to make a creative sign for your Poshmark listing. 

You can make use of the many different font types that Instagram offers to make your own customized sign. 

On top of that, you can also attach relevant pictures and your closet logo in your template. It’s THAT easy. 

After you’re done, just save your masterpiece to your phone gallery and upload it to your Poshmark listing. 

iPhone notes

This is for all you iPhone users! It sounds rather unconventional but yes you can also make signs for Poshmark using the ‘Notes’ application on iPhone. 

The notes app is not just about making lists and jotting down notes because if you use it smartly, you can make signs for your Poshmark listings on it as well. 

Here’s how you could try making one:

  1. Open the app
  2. Select the option for a new note 
  3. Use the note background as your canvas 
  4. Add photos and text to your sign by importing via the picture library 
  5. Adjust to your choice 
  6. Take a screenshot of your final sign 
  7. Open your Poshmark account and make a new listing by uploading this ‘screenshot’ picture as a sign. 


Next up we have the Typorama editor. 

Contrary to iPhone notes and Instagram, this site has many default templates already made for you to choose from. 

You simply have to get onto the site and first choose an appropriate background that you need to go with.

By this, we mean that you could either use stock images or plain colored backgrounds to get started with your Poshmark signs. You can also use images here.

Once that is done, the next step is adding your relevant text. For this, Typorama offers many different styles. Thus, you can choose what looks best to you. 

Typorama also allows the transition of ‘text over text’ where you can add two different texts one on top of the other. 

This can be done to make your Poshmark closet stand out. 

Once you’ve done it all, it’s time to save your artistic work and use it on your next new listing. 


Another great graphic design platform for making the most visually appealing Poshmark sign is Canva.com. 

The drop and drag feature makes it one of the most convenient sites to make your Poshmark sign. Here’s how to go about with the editor:

  1. Use square Instagram post size for your sign to fit into Poshmark 
  2. Choose your favorite template design and make changes if required
  3. Add your Poshmark closet name somewhere in the template where it is visible enough
  4. Add catchy phrases like ‘Make me an offer I can’t deny’ or ‘ You quote and I give my best offer’. The catch to this step is to ensure that the text is eye-catching for the buyers on your feed. However, you shouldn’t be stuffing too much wording or pictures in there because remember, less is more.
  5. Next, add your branding logo if you like by uploading it from your picture gallery. It’s not necessary but it’s a good way to showcase your branding element. 
  6. Edit and adjust everything on your template 
  7. Rename your file, save and upload the picture on your Poshmark listing. 

Pic Collage

Pic collage is another great editing app that you can use for Poshmark signs. 

This one is different from others in the way that it offers pretty nice script designs for your texts. So you can go a little fancy with your texts here.

You have the choice of either going with a ‘texts only’ layout with graphical text types or can use images as well. 

It also has quite a few backgrounds and sticker options that you can choose from. 

Just choose a background, add your text or image (the fancy way of course), add stickers if you like, and save your sign right away! So simple, right? 


This one is great for making simple yet catchy signs for your Poshmark listings. 

On PicMonkey you can customize your text and template design using the ‘Square template’ size that would fit perfectly on your Poshmark listing. 

Simply choose the Instagram square template design and get going with your creative streak. 


Finally, the last editor on our list is the infamous Over. 

Just like all the other editors, this one is also great at helping you make Poshmark signs. 

The steps are the standard ones that we’ve discussed before. But still, here’s a little run-down.

  1. Choose a background color (endless possibilities)
  2. Put up your logo 
  3. Type your caption in the textbox
  4. Add an image if you like 
  5. Save your image

And that’s about it. There isn’t any rocket science involved in making signs for your Poshmark listing. You’re probably wondering how it’s so easy but there’s a no-brainer to that.

So don’t think too much about it and keep making your Poshmark signs! 

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