How to Create Perfect Super Selling Listing on Poshmark?

How to Create Perfect Listing on Poshmark

Listing up your products on Poshmark can be a hard nut to crack especially when you do not know how to go about it in the right way. But to make things easier, we are here for you and we have got your back!

So when you are making your Poshmark listing template, there are some Dos and Don’ts that you need to keep in mind.

What does it mean by listing?

For those who have been regular on Poshmark, they know what “listing” is. But for those who don’t know, Listing is a kind of web directory for any website.

In simpler words: It is used to sort out a wide range of items into different categories(or subcategories) so that it is easier for a customer to go through them.

So Poshmark listing templates are just a way to keep your closet and items organized for buyers to see. Additionally, this ‘listing’ is also a way to attract more buyers to your closet!

Importance of listing on Poshmark

Like all the other websites, Poshmark also has the same listing method. Since Poshmark is mainly a fashion website, it is very crucial to have a proper list.

This enables a web user to quickly go through a wide variety of categories to find their desired product.

Making a Poshmark listing template is a great way to start your journey to sell items on Poshmark.

So, now that you know the meaning of listing, let’s start with the basics of how to create the perfect listing for your Poshmark business.

Taking the Perfect Photos

You cannot sell an item on Poshmark without uploading a photo of it along with it because obviously, no one would be interested.

How you take a photograph of that item is also very important when making a Poshmark listing template.

You need to make sure that you take pictures with a proper, good quality camera. Here, a DSLR camera is preferred more because the image would be well defined and detailed.

However, if you don’t have one of these at hand, your smartphone camera is good enough as well.

Consider incorporating proper lighting. Use a ring light to cast a uniform white light on your item so that every part of it is bright and illuminated well enough.

You can also take a photo of the product facing the window during the daytime to enhance the colors on it.

Moreover, we recommend that you use a white background when taking a photo. You can do this by laying the product on a white cloth. The white color would contrast with the colors of your item, enabling the article to appear brighter than usual and more appealing.

Additionally, we would recommend that you use minimal to no filters while editing the photos so that the image is identical to the product. Therefore, the customers receive what they see in the picture.

Remember: The authenticity matters so you don’t need to overdo anything on your Poshmark listing template.

We’d also advise you to take more than six photos from different angles. This way the customer can be satisfied with all the little details of the item before purchasing.

Proper Title

What’s a product if it has no name? Would you be okay with your item being named ‘Untitled’?

Therefore, when uploading information about your article, you should give it a proper title so that people can find your item on the website list easily.

Consider following this pattern: Brand name, type of product and then other specifications.

For example, if you plan on selling a jacket on Poshmark, firstly, you mention the jacket’s company name. Next, add the jacket type(denim, leather, bomber, etc.).

This tip would help the customer to narrow down the search to that specific product.

Great Description

Once you are done with the title part, you also need to summarise your article’s description briefly. Talk about some of its key features and qualities.

At the same time, mention any additional information that the buyer needs to be aware of. In the case of a clothing item such as a shirt, you can say that it shouldn’t be tumbled dry etc.

You should also further sub-categorize the product. This is done by mentioning the available size(s) and whether it is men’s, women’s, or children’s wear.

This would further single out your product on the website, making it easier for the buyer to find it and hopefully, buy it. The easier it is to find a product, the more are the chances of a sale as well!

Using Mannequins

Trust us when we say: Using mannequins can change your whole Poshmark listing game!

The use of mannequins can help you in showcasing your clothing items for selling purposes. You can use the similar idea to give a realistic idea of other items as well.

Make the mannequin dummy wear the clothes you want to sell so that the customer can get an idea of how the item would fit in real life on an average person.

In this way, it gives the buyer a realistic idea of how that item would look on them.

Therefore, they would be more inclined towards buying from you over other sellers! Do this to help your perfect Poshmark listing template stand out!

Offer separate listing for sale purposes

Nothing attracts people more than a sale. It is a fact that people prefer to wait for the sale season to buy stuff so that they do not have to spend heavily on pricey items.

The more discounts you would offer, the more popular your listing will be among Poshmark users.

To attract more customers, offer your products in packs and bundles. Why do we say that? It is because buyers are more interested in buying such offers.

You can also reduce the total amount for, let’s say, two items in a pack and you will notice how many people would buy such packs from you.

In turn helping you earn more profit than you could have done at the regular price. Ka-ching!

Therefore, for the ideal Poshmark listing template, it is advised to create a separate listing for sale purposes.

In this way, the customers will be able to differentiate between items on sale and those that are not. Moreover, in other words, you’d be perfecting your listing at the end!

Keep it fresh

Lastly, update your list on Poshmark frequently. Keep a close eye on the items on the list. If a product goes out of stock, pull it out of the list and update it with a newer item.

Keep adding new stuff and refreshing the title or description to give your listing a new look.

Regularly relisting would help to keep your list fresh and updated and would attract more people visiting Poshmark.

If the season changes, refresh your list by uploading clothing items of that particular season. Stay in touch with the latest trends and fashion, so that your list stays trendy and up to date.

So this was it with the basics of creating the perfect Poshmark listing template. We hope this would be fruitful to you. Now what are you waiting for? Create your list, upload items, and start earning those green bucks!

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