5 Ultimate Product Hunting Tools for Poshmark

5 Ultimate product research Tools for poshmark

Sellers and Resellers at Poshmark unite! We all know how it’s super easy to start a reselling business at Poshmark. You can make quite a good amount through it if you’re consistent. But the whole dilemma revolves around ‘staying consistent’ if you’re a seller. 

You can’t ignore the fact that the reselling business is time-consuming. It requires your time and energy before you make it big or get into your rhythm. Now, this can be a bit intimidating to think about but not anymore. 

Thankfully, you can use multiple product hunting tools (discussed below) to help you manage your closet and get those big numbers in your bank account. Thus, investing in a seller tool for Poshmark will not be a bad deal for you. But first, let’s get a little familiar with the whole idea of product hunting. 

What is Product Hunting?

Product hunting is simply ‘looking for the right product to sell’ to get the bang for your buck. This includes background research of a product which helps you determine if it is worth your time or not. 

What is the purpose of Product Hunting? 

If you’re a newbie to Poshmark selling, you’d want to polish up your product hunting skills because the competition here is real.

Full-time Poshmark sellers know what item from their closet is ‘sellable’ but for those who don’t, Poshmark product hunting tools can help give you a massive kick start. 

Product hunting will not only help you find what’s most profitable in your closet but will also keep you aware of your competitor’s strategies (their shipping and pricing). 

Other than that, you’ll have a clear idea of all the seasonal demands (like New Year/Christmas specials) to help you make the best out of your Poshmark selling in the festive seasons. 

So let’s go through a few tools that would be Robin to your Batman (read: closet) for Poshmark selling? 

5 Product Research Tools that You can Use to Accelerate Your Sales at Poshmark 

Let’s get straight to business here. You’re looking for product hunting tools for your Poshmark closet and we’ve got you all covered. 

Keeping in mind that not many things come without a price, most if not all of these tools are paid. But for what they’re doing and how efficient they are, you’ll feel no guilt in investing in one of these. What’s better than a long term investment, right? 

Google Trends 

Hands down, this is a must-have product hunting and reselling tool for Poshmark. Google trends have been a go-to product hunting tool and for all the right reasons. The best thing about it? It’s totally free and easily accessible. 

Google trends prove to be extremely helpful when getting to know what’s selling in big numbers and at what frequency. These ‘trending’ patterns will help you get to know what people have been searching for let’s say between the months of November-January.

On top of that, these trends will also show what people have been buying lately. So you can access all the stats and customize the timeline as well. Using this information you can stock up on those items in your closet and inventory here at Poshmark. 

Thus, on one hand, you’re making sure to share the right product at the right time, and on the other, you’re keeping track of what’s selling more on other competitor sites. At the end of the day, your sales will increase and that’s what we want, right? 


TeraPeak is yet another helpful product hunting tool for Poshmark. How? It identifies what’s the ‘hot-selling’ product or category of products that you can sell to earn big. 

It does this by analyzing the competitor’s performances and narrowing down to the best selling product. All of this along with keeping the shipping prices, market shares, and average prices in consideration.

This way it keeps you and your Poshmark closet ahead of all others when it comes to selling products. 

Listings History 

This is one handy tool for your closets/inventory if you want to get a good start to the idea of product hunting. It looks rather simple by appearance but this product listing tool will turn out to be super useful. 

One thing we loved about it was its price. And guess what? It’s free. Secondly, we love the way it functions. It makes product hunting a piece of cake and honestly, things cannot get any simpler.

This amazing tool can list up all the important information related to your Poshmark product dating back to 2014. How cool is that? You can search for anything and everything about your product starting from the title to the price it was sold at. 

Since the timeline is long, you can get a good idea of how the listings have changed over the years and how the prices have varied. 

This history will then help you to sell more smartly and effectively. In turn, increasing your overall sales! 


An important aspect of selling well on Poshmark includes a smart advertisement of your product. You might not attract more buyers to your closet if you don’t use the appropriate keywords in the title. 

Similarly, your pricing has to be smart yet consistent with what the buyers expect. These stats can be accessed and analyzed using the tool called SellHound. Why do we love it? It just makes comparing the stats super easy for sellers and helps you hunt down the right products to include in your next closet listing. 

It uses completed as well as current listings all over Poshmark to come up with an average pricing range for your closet as well! It will also narrow down the ‘keywords’ for you. This way it’ll help you separate the products with that keyword which would sell for a higher price than others in your closet. 

But that’s not it because it will also put forward the selling percentage of different items. This way you can determine what sells good and maybe the most fruitful sale for your closet. So what sells on Poshmark? You can find that using SellHound. 

Such an accommodating and convenient tool, isn’t it? We’d recommend this to amp up your selling game on Poshmark. 

AMZ Scout 

Finally, the AMZ scout. This tool allows you to gain access to sales data of the most ‘hot-selling’ and ‘trending’ products on their database. 

Additionally, it offers data analytics along with monitoring the sales of your competitors. This way you can compare your products and pricing with that of your competitors to get an upper hand. All of this without even going to the main product’s page. 

Their website is a gateway to a whole sea of Poshmark products. All you have to do is to enter your product and it will bring forward the product’s potential. In other words, it’ll show you if the product holds good ground for selling or not by displaying sale numbers, profits, etc. 

So go ahead and invest in this tool for a profitable Poshmark closet. 

There you have it! The 5 ultimate product hunting tools for your Poshmark selling/reselling business. These tools may not seem like a necessity but trust us, these do bring a good impact on your sales. And who doesn’t like to make it big, right? We bet you do too!

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