$10000 in 3 months at Poshmark Canada – A Hoax or Reality?

$10000 in 3 months at Poshmark Canada

Did you know that you can make $10000 in 3 months by setting up your selling business at Poshmark Canada? Sounds a bit unrealistic, I know. But I kid you not, IT IS A REALITY.

Even though Poshmark Canada is only a year old, it has grown into a community of over 1 million Canadians. That’s a big achievement for any online site, don’t you think?

But is this 1-year-old platform big enough to generate those high numbers for a seller? Can you make good money with Poshmark Canada? Well, you definitely can(Don’t worry I’ll tell you how)!

Read on if you want to find out how you can earn that 5-digit income or more in just 3 months ( nothing’s impossible!) by using Poshmark Canada.

Poshmark Canada – The Ultimate Reselling Platform

I’m sure most of you already know about it but for those who don’t, let me give a little introduction.

So what is Poshmark Canada? It is a relatively new extension of the renowned online selling platform Poshmark. Here you can buy or sell your clothes, shoes, accessories and many more.

For buyers, it is great because it offers preloved or slightly used Canadian products at a fairly low price.

For sellers though, it can be a huge breakthrough. You can just list up your Canadian items in your closet and earn some extra cash by selling them off.

And who knows? This earning might even replace and compensate your earning from a day job (yes, that’s a possibility). Sounds legit? Well, it is pretty legit because you’ll see how you can earn $10000 from just this.

How can you earn $10000 in 3 months at Poshmark Canada?

Let’s not waste any of your precious time and get to business. The question of the hour: What is the secret to selling successfully on Poshmark Canada?

What do these Poshers do? How do they run their posh accounts to make that much money? And most importantly, how do you achieve your own Poshmark Canada milestone by reselling? Honestly, there’s no rocket science in this. Let’s discuss one by one.

Get to know the business- List List List

Okay so firstly, you need to do some intense listings to make huge sales. And for that, you need to get your math sorted. What do I mean by that? I simply mean that you need to know a few figures related to your Poshmark Canada business. Keeping these figures in mind, you can effectively list your closet and earn!

What figures exactly?

  • Your average selling price and,
  • Your sell-through rate

Let me give you an example:

So assume that you sell your products for $25 on average. Now that’s your average selling price. As for the sell-through rate, it is the % of items that you sell from the ones you list.

Once you know both these you can estimate the number of listings you need to do to earn $10000 in 3 months!

Recognize your Audience

What’s the point of being a seller when you don’t know which category of people are more likely to be your customers? It makes no sense.

You need to be aware of what your target audience is. This makes a lot of difference because it can potentially affect how your closet is perceived. In turn, affecting your sales as well. You will also be able to make listings accordingly.

You can take an idea of the importance of knowing your audience by this:  A drop-off shoulder top in your closet listing may not be appealing to a working mom. However, this same top may be an article defining a style statement for her daughter or any other young/teenage girl. Do you get my point?

Take advantage of Time

Around 164 million items have been shared on Poshmark Canada. But did all of them lead to $10000 income for their sellers? Most probably no.

You need to keep one very important thing in mind if you want to earn big: KNOW WHEN IT IS BEST TO SELL MORE and WHEN YOU WOULD GET MOST SALES.

So what time can be your turning point? All major Canadian holidays! Yes, you heard it right! It is a tried and tested method by successful Poshers. You can share your closets and list up a week or even a day or two before the holidays. Sales go up just before holidays like Christmas, Good Friday and Canada Day, etc.

So make sure you don’t miss out on devoting time to your Poshmark Canada Closet sharing these days. Why? Because there’s a high chance of you selling out completely on these days.

Interaction with Clients and Poshers

Your sales on Poshmark Canada depends greatly on how you interact. Whether it is your clients or fellow sellers, it is always a good idea to stay connected.

As you stay connected to the Canadian community, you can share your closet and put out your offers. You can also share and like closet items of your fellow successful Poshers. What will it do for you? You will have increased chances of getting YOUR closet shared in return.

To increase interaction, you can also link or share your closet on your social media like Instagram. This can bring attention to your listings thus helping you earn those 5-digits.

In the case of buyers, you need to be attentive to your customer’s needs. You need to give them a priority because well, they’re the ones buying your stuff.

Offer Genuine Products Only

Nobody wants to buy shady, tampered stuff no matter how cheap it is. So, if you want to earn well on Poshmark Canada, you should stay as transparent as possible.

If your product has a flaw, don’t hide it. Buyers appreciate honesty and this can help you make better sales.

Tip: Try to include Luxury Brands and items in your closet to earn a bit extra than average!

Offer Discounts and Bundles

What sells the most on Poshmark Canada? This is one frequently asked question. The answer is very simple though: Whatever is in demand.

But a buyer won’t buy from you if your prices are high. So what do you do? You offer them discounts and bundles as soon as you see they’ve liked a product on your list.

This will increase your chances of selling because buyers are always looking for such discounts. Like for eg  Gen Z generation-buyers make 20% of the Poshmark Canada community.

And what do they want? More stuff in less money. So how do you attract them to buy from you? You offer bundles and discounts accordingly!

And honestly, it will be good for you too because hey, one buyer is better than no buyer, right? Also, your $10000 income is at stake.

Be a part of Poshmark Canada’s Posh Parties

About 30 million items are shared in Poshmark Canada’s Posh parties. This can be a deal-breaker for you as a seller.

Posh Parties are a great way to introduce yourself and your closet to the community. Why? Because they’re hosted by Poshmark Ambassadors some of which are the best sellers out there. This is an easy way to get in touch with them and who knows? You might even score a closet share through them.

By how are these shares good for you? Well, these shares reach a larger community and thus there’s a better chance for you here to sell out.

And that’s not it! There are about 60 other events hosted virtually and IRL as well within the community. If you want your closet to do well, you should consider becoming a social bee here.

And you never know, you could end up with a supportive PFF (Posh Friend Forever) as well!

Value the Art of Presentation

Perhaps the first thing that attracts buyers to a closet is the way it is presented. Looks may not define a person but it will surely define your product. And that’s something that you, as a seller, should put the effort in.

The way you present will give your buyers the ‘first impression’ of you as a seller and your product. And that would determine if they want to proceed further with actually buying from you.

So what do you do to fix the deal? How do you present your product in the best possible way? It’s simple:

  • Take good shots of your product
  • Come up with a catchy title
  • Go all-in with the description (the more you describe, the better)

Here’s a tip: If you’re selling clothes, you can get a mannequin to help your customers get an idea of the fitting, length, etc.

Ship with your Heart

This step may seem insignificant but it can make a big impact on your buyers and ultimately your sales. Because what’s better than a new buyer? A repeated buyer! Your sales are in their hands.

Check out: How to Do Cross-Border Shipping?

So how do you get one for yourself? By being a considerate seller. A great way to impress is to show that you value your buyer!

Just add a handwritten Thankyou note or a small gift when you pack and ship your items. Even adding a discount coupon is a great idea. This will push them to come back to buy from your closet. So, a win-win situation for you!

Get yourself a Poshmark Bot

How do you ensure that your Poshmark Canada activity is enough for you to earn a big amount out of it in just 3 months? I suggest getting a Poshmark Bot and then compare!

You’ll notice that they’re more efficient in doing all the labor work and they’ll save your time. Hence you can focus on your sales rather than the other works.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to get those $10000 in your bank account? Well buckle up and get going. Happy Selling!

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