Poshmark Share Jail – All You Need to Know in 2021

poshmark share jail 2021

Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you’re not able to carry on your usual ‘actions’ on Poshmark, aren’t you? 

Chances are that you’re here because you can’t seem to share your Poshmark closet. Chances are also high that you’re not able to like and comment on Poshmark either. 

So what’s the issue? Why can’t you share on Poshmark all of a sudden? 

Well, the answer is that you’ve been a victim of Poshmark share jail. And what’s that all about? Let’s find out in detail. (P.S: we’re gonna help you through the whole process) 

What is Poshmark Share Jail? 

Share jail on Poshmark seems like a very serious issue but technically, it’s not that complicated. So let’s get familiar with this term first.

Just like any other explanation of ‘jail’, this sharing jail on Poshmark is also a kind of virtual prison for Poshmark sellers. 

Let’s make it simpler for you to understand:

Poshmark uses Watchdog software that looks after every user’s activity. Be it a seller or a buyer, Poshmark keeps tabs on all. 

This Watchdog software is used to protect the Poshmark server from overuse. But in what way?

This usually covers the ‘liking’, ‘sharing’ and ‘commenting’ aspect of the Poshmark closet. 

So it allows a limited (about a few hundred shares per hour) throughout the day. 

This software is far more active and strict during the night than day time.

Additionally, the Watchdog strictly regulates these actions and ensures that no user exceeds the Poshmark share limit or any of these actions. 

If you do, well, you’ve landed yourself in the Poshmark share jail. 

Note: You can’t share, comment, or like while you’re in the share jail but what you can continue doing is posting and editing. 

But why did Poshmark go all the way to develop this feature? 

Why does it exist? 

Let’s be real, no website encourages people using bots or any automotive tools. It just ruins the whole image in the eyes of the community. 

Thus, it is also true for Poshmark. 

According to the Poshmark community guidelines, any unusual or excessive activity on the site directly raises red flags. 

These activities also raise suspicion over the account’s working and subsequently leads to a soft ban on Poshmark. 

However, there are quite a few explanations for this Poshmark soft ban. 

Poshmark is a fairly reputable e-commerce platform that hosts a large number of users on a daily basis. Thus, it has to maintain some standards. 

And these standards cannot stay up if the site is full of bad actors you know. 

Moreover, business on Poshmark is all about a constant growth loop. All the sales and the profits are linked to the number of buyers and sellers on the site.

This also includes their interaction and communication. 

But what hinders this loop is the presence of spammers or bad actors.

So ultimately, a Poshmark shadow ban or a soft ban on Poshmark is necessary. It doesn’t mess up with the loop but it ensures that this loop stays authentic all over. 

Therefore, in short, Poshmark Share Jail is to: 

  • Manage growth loops 
  • Avoid spammers 
  • Promote a healthy environment 
  • Remind users to respect the platform 

Now that you know why this exists, let’s see why and how you could get into it. 

Why are you a prisoner of Poshmark Share Jail? 

Please don’t get intimidated by our choice of words, this is all for effects. Nevertheless, we’re here for some serious discussion. 

Why has Poshmark soft banned you? Why are you in the share jail by Poshmark? 

Well, you’re here because you have exceeded the Poshmark share limit somehow. 

This means that you’ve shared your closet more times than the recommended limit. This also hints towards the involvement of a third party like an automation tool or bot on your account. 

If you’ve been blocked from sharing, you’re in the Poshmark share jail. 

Similar to this term, there’s another type of soft ban on Poshmark as well; The Poshmark follow Jail.

This action stops you from following too many people at once. 

Poshmark Share Jail – how did you end up here and what are your chances? 

Alright, so Poshmark knows that it is humanly IMPOSSIBLE to share a closet like 10 thousand times in a day.

Even if you do stay glued to your PC or Phone for this, you just can’t bring up those high numbers and that consistency. 

However, if it does notice these unusual numbers from any of the closets, all red flags come up. Poshmark’s server then instantly starts monitoring further actions. 

If by any chance these numbers come from your closet, you’d find yourself ending up in the Poshmark share jail very soon. 

As for your chances of ending up in the share jail, those vary with your number of shares. 

Since Poshmark hasn’t chalked out a range or anything, we can’t give you a fixed number. But what it does look out for are: 

  • People who share too much in short time intervals
  • People who have multiple other people using their accounts (they check through the same in-use WiFi connection) 
  • 24/7 non-stop sharing 

But how exactly does Poshmark decide that it’s too much and there’s something fishy going on? 

Decisive Factor- How much is too much for the Poshmark soft ban? 

So how do you figure out a number close to the share jail limit? 

Well, you can’t do that very accurately because Poshmark itself hasn’t given a fixed number. 

But according to users, Poshmark usually starts limiting closets that are shared more than a few thousand times per day. 

Poshmark share jail is also put into the act when any closet is shared repeatedly, excessively, and too quickly in short intervals. 

This is pretty self-explanatory because no one has the superhuman speed to be able to do that, right? 

That’s where the Poshmark server catches you in the act. 

Stats you need to consider 

Other than a few thousand shares, here are some stats for your information regarding the chances of getting caught. 

According to Poshmark sellers who’ve been caught for oversharing in the past, 10% were caught at the 5000 shares mark. 

On the other hand, the chances of getting caught for over 5000 shares are increasingly higher as the shares become more and more. 

But what’s the point of all this excessive sharing? 

Still, why do people keep sharing on Poshmark? 

Let’s address the elephant in the room now. WHY ALL THE SHARING? 

Well, that’s how Poshmark works. The growth loop that we talked about earlier depends on your social activity. 

You share, you interact, you attract buyers and your closet gets more sales. And that’s what Poshmark’s algorithm supports. 

The more you share, the more are your chances of making a successful sale. This is what encourages the sellers to begin the sharing cycle on Poshmark each day.

Unsurprisingly, this is the strategy of most Poshmark sellers out there.

They know each share will increase their chances of getting a buyer on board so naturally, they do more of it.

Nevertheless, too much of anything is wrong and so is the case with sharing on Poshmark.

So let’s step ahead and earn a little bit more about this ‘share jail’ on Poshmark.

So is it a Poshmark ban?

Technically, it’s a Poshmark soft ban. And what does that mean? Well, it means that it’s a temporary thing. More like Poshmark disabling your account for some time. 

There’s a clear difference between a proper Poshmark ban and a Poshmark Soft Ban (the Share jail) though. 

The proper Poshmark ban is permanent and Poshmark usually bans the user from its site using their IP addresses. 

So you can expect to go through quite a rough ride making your way back to it. Most can’t even get away with it. 

Poshmark share jail on the other hand is a temporary ban. It usually lasts for 24 hours at stretch and then things get back on track for you.

But keep in mind that you’re not able to like, comment, or share during that time. 

All you can do on Poshmark is edit and post new items to your closet. Other than that, all functions are suspended. 

But how do you find out that you’re in the Poshmark jail?

How do you know you are in Poshmark Share Jail? 

Alright so you suspect that Poshmark has put you in the share jail but how do you confirm that? Here’s how to find out: 


1. You wouldn’t be able to share your closet anymore. On regular days you must’ve seen a grey colored pop up message on the top of your screen after every closet share. Here’s how it looks like: 

Well, if you don’t see this coming up anymore, you’re in the Poshmark share jail. 

CAPTCHAs popping up repeatedly 

2. When you do share, you notice CAPTCHAs popping up on your screen. This is a strong indication that you’re in danger of exceeding the share limit on Poshmark. 

Poshmark, as a result, starts flagging your activity as suspicious and asks for confirmation. 

Of what? Of you being a human. It tests you with ‘Are you human’ notices and also by asking you to select some similar images out of presented ones to catch any automation. 

Notification of an Error 

3. It notifies you of an error on your phone or iPad. This error is followed by an inability to share, like, or post any further. 

Stuck in Poshmark soft ban, now what? 

So let’s say, unfortunately, you’re in the share jail by Poshmark. What are the consequences now? Or what could be the consequences? 

We’ll be honest with you over the fact that this ‘soft ban’ by Poshmark can take a toll on your social presence on Poshmark. 

And that could directly affect your sales. 

Because you’re not there to negotiate and interact, you might suffer from a dip in your sales during that time. 

Other than that you won’t be able to share AT ALL. Poshmark very strictly bans you from sharing anything during the share jail period. 

This would decrease the chances of your listing being shown to the audience.

In turn, all this would lead to fewer views because well, there’s very limited social activity allowed and you can’t practically pull people to give you attention at that time.

Sounds like a bummer, right? But don’t worry, we’ve also got some good news for you. 

How to get out of the share jail on Poshmark? 

You’d probably be waiting for this one. So let’s answer this burning question finally.

Sorry to break it to you but there’s no easy way out. You can’t get out of it. That’s that.

But hey, this is not forever. What we meant to say is that you have to complete the whole share jail time before you get back to your activity on Poshmark.

The good thing (or at least we think it’s good) is that this is usually 24 hours. Thus, all you can do at this time is to stop sharing completely.

Your account will be unbanned in a day and then you could go about your normal routine. Sounds fair, right?

But you don’t have to waste your day or sulk into sadness during this time. You can and you should take this as a break and relax for the day.

Moreover, if you want to be more productive, you can work on your listings and closet settings. Or just do whatever makes you feel better.

For future lessons though, you should try and reduce the total number of shares that you were previously doing each minute/hour/day.

So that’s about it for this one, folks! We’ve discussed and explained everything in our greatest capacity for you to figure your way through this share jail on Poshmark. Poshmark is a great platform for all you sellers but sometimes, you gotta keep things within limits and that’s what it’s all about. Share but not too much!

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