Poshmark Listing Not Showing Up (Reasons & Solution)

Poshmark Listing Not Showing Up

Is your Poshmark listing now showing up? If yes, then you might be really confused and irritated about why it’s happening and how to resolve the issue.

Listings now showing up is quite a common problem that sellers on Poshmark often encounter. Often there are technical glitches or issues with the platform that affect the visibility of listings. So you don’t have to seriously worry about it.

In this guide, we will be discussing the common reasons why a listing might not be visible on Poshmark. In addition, we will explore solutions to the issue so that your listings can be visible to poshers and get sales.

Reasons Why Poshmark Listings Might Not Be Showing Up

1- Check If Any Search Filter is On:

If your Poshmark listing isn’t showing up, it could be because of a simple reason that any of your search filters is on.

I once encountered this issue when I was searching for a bomber jacket that I listed seconds ago. I was not been able to find my listing despite searching for the exact product title.

Later, I found out that the size filter was default set to “My Size.” So only those bomber jackets are showing up in search results that are available in my size.

Poshmark Search Filter - Why Listing Not Showing Up


If your listing is not showing up on Poshmark because any of the search filters is enabled then you just need to set all default filters as “All” and then search. Hopefully, you will be able to find your listing.

Poshmark Filter All

2- Poshmark Search Glitch:

Sometimes, Poshmark experiences technical issues or glitches that affect the visibility of listings in their search results. These glitches can occur due to various reasons such as server errors, bugs, or updates being rolled out to the platform.

When a search glitch happens on Poshmark, it prevents certain listings from appearing in search results even though they meet the search criteria. This can be frustrating for both buyers and sellers as it hampers the ability to discover or sell items on the marketplace.


If you feel that your listings are not visible on Poshmark due to some technical glitch then you need to contact Poshmark Support. Simply go to the support page, select a relevant category for your issue, explain the issue that you are facing, attach a screenshot as proof, and submit.

Contact Poshmark Support

The Poshmark support team will respond to your concern within 24 hours by either proposing a solution or resolving the issue from its end.

3- Someone Reported Your Listing:

If a posher thinks that what you’re selling is fake or not genuine, she might report your listing to Poshmark. If something like this happens, Poshmark will remove your listing and it will no longer be showing up in the closet and search results.

Poshmark Report Listing

So, if your listings suddenly disappear, it could be because someone reported them and Poshmark decided to take action.


You have two options if your listing got reported by someone. If you feel that someone wrongly reported your listing then you can contact Poshmark support and explain to them that your listing doesn’t have anything that is objectionable.

However, if you feel that there is actually something wrong with your item or listing, then you can relist the item while making sure it is compliant with Poshmark’s policy.

Final Words:

If you find out that your Poshmark listing is not showing up, don’t panic! There are several common reasons for this issue, such as search filters being enabled, technical glitches, or someone reported your listing. However, there are solutions for each of these situations.

By checking your search filters, contacting Poshmark support for technical issues, and ensuring your listing complies with Poshmark’s policies, you can address the problem and make your listings visible again.

Remember, patience and persistence are key, and with the right steps, you can get your listings back on Poshmark.

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