Poshmark Blast Sharing: How it Works?

poshmark blast sharing

Last year, Poshmark officials reported that the reselling app had distributed over a billion dollars among sellers since its inception in 2011! Admittedly, everyone wants to get in on the action. However, what exactly does it take to make it big on Poshmark? Where does blast sharing come into play? And, how can you use blast sharing to your advantage?

Poshmark is the world’s number one reselling app for apparel and accessories – putting it’s user-base at upwards of 60 million. With a larger user-base, you would expect your listings to sell out by the time you count to three. However, it takes some strategy and a whole lot of dedication to get to where top Posh sellers are.

Blast sharing is something that combines strategy and dedication. It’s a time-tested method for increasing engagement and sales – and it’s endorsed by Poshmark itself!

What is Poshmark Blast Sharing?

Blast sharing is a term used to describe multiple and spontaneous sharing in one sitting. You might often see the same item being shared, or the same seller sharing items on your home feed or in Posh parties and wonder if it’s a glitch.

It’s quite the opposite. It’s a strategic way sellers keep their listings at the top of home feeds, brands, categories, and Posh parties. To better understand the concept, let’s revise Poshmark’s algorithm:

The Idea Behind Blast Sharing on Poshmark:

Poshmark’s algorithm is a community-guided one. You appear more frequently in searches and feeds based on the amount of engagement your listings have garnered.

Recall that Poshmark has a user-base of 60 million, which means sellers would have to constantly work on standing out. The way blast sharing works is that Poshmark posts shares in chronological order. If you were to share an item from your closet, Poshmark would put it at the top of brands, categories, or parties chronologically.

how poshmark blast sharing works

Poshmark bloggers have remarked that by blast sharing, their notifications would blow up! There would be likes, comments, and shares, therefore, creating much more engagement on their listings. Subsequently increasing their follower count and ultimately sales.

The Downside:

If you can share, so can other sellers.

Sharing might be done chronologically, but multiple sellers are sharing at the same time as you. To put it simply, let’s say you shared a listing and it appears at the top of everyone’s home feed. By the time you refresh the page, your listing would have gone down again and someone else would have theirs in place.

Read on to find out how to work your way through this.

Types Of Sharing – Self Shares And Community Shares:

Self Sharing Community Sharing
Self sharing refers to sharing items from your closet. Community sharing refers to sharing items from other sellers’ closets.
Buyers can view your listings when they come up at the top of their feeds, categories, brands, and parties. If they see anything they like, it creates engagement and increases followers. The idea behind community shares is ‘share-for-share’ – a community principle encouraged by Poshmark.
You can get an increased number of followers and sales by buyers who like your listings. Another seller shares your closet with their followers and increases your audience.

Advantages Of Blast Sharing:

There are several reasons why blast sharing is seen as an effective strategy to increase sales on Poshmark:

Increases Viewer-ship:

Prominent Poshmark sellers have recalled periods of stagnancy (when items from their closets were not selling) and attributed that to not being active on Poshmark.

One seller remarked that by increasing their shares from 10,000 to 30,000 a month, they made five times more sales. Blast sharing is to be incorporated in every seller’s daily schedule. By sharing items daily, you’re increasing viewer-ship.

For example; if you were to share an item from your closet and it appears on a buyer’s feed or searches, he or she would be more inclined to click on it to know more. If they like what they see they might like the listing, comment on it, follow you – or buy!

Increases Sales:

To make it big on Poshmark, you have to stand out from the crowd. There are several ways through which you can appear prominent. With blast sharing, you systematically appear at the top of any buyer’s feed.

Even if it’s for a second, you’ve caught their attention and they’ll want to know more. Thereby increasing sales.

It’s Simple:

As aforementioned, there are many blogs out there on how to increase sales on Poshmark. A lot of those tips have to do with a target audience, such as; changing your feed to meet a particular aesthetic or sourcing a particular item, etc.

Blast sharing doesn’t take much besides a click. It’s simple and efficient.

Best Times To Share:

Everything leads to the question: How do you keep your shares at the top of everyone’s feed?

The answer to this is to strategize your sharing schedule. There are certain times when sharing on Poshmark has much more engagement and certain times when there isn’t.

For example; sharing before a party is a good time to increase viewership. While sharing during a party is seen as a sure-fire way to increase engagement, an hour or two before a party starts helps you stay ahead of other sellers who are more inclined to share during the party.

Similarly, many Posher’s would be scrolling idly through their phones after midnight. If you blast share at a particular time at night, you’re targeting buyers who are more likely to make impulsive sales.

Poshmark’s Terms Of Service And Soft-Bans:

Sharing and blast sharing is endorsed by Poshmark itself. However, there is such a thing as ‘too much’ sharing. While this may sound contradictory to Poshmark’s no limit on sharing policy, they flag user accounts to weed out spammers.

On Poshmark’s part, any sort of ‘overwhelming sharing’ is considered a red flag by the app. Why? Because we all know it is not humanly possible to share listings in a huge number at once. Maybe 10-20 shares wouldn’t cause any suspicion to arise but let’s say 5-6 times more than that? There’s always something shady going on behind the screen. And naturally, Poshmark notices all the excessive activity so you won’t be able to get away with that. They’ll follow this up with CAPTCHA or just limit sharing. Hence, soft-bans.

Soft-bans limit sharing for 24-hours before you’re allowed to share again. When using a Poshmark Bot, it’s important to use one that has a specific share schedule and share loops.

Take Poshmark Tools as an example. This bot is a pioneer among automated software used by Poshmark sellers. Poshmark Tools allows users to enter in the amount of self or community shares they want, instead of having a bot mindlessly share and get flagged.

Furthermore, you can customize features such as shareloops and reverse sharing to optimize sales and increase engagement.

All in all, the key to making it big on Poshmark: Share, Share, and Share!

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