How Instagram Ads helps your Poshmark Closet to Boom in 2021?

Poshmark Sales with Instagram ads

We all know Instagram as a popular social networking app. But the journey from an Instagrammer to a full-fledged Poshmark seller?

Is it even slightly possible? Can Instagram promotion/ads help your Poshmark closet to grow? Let’s find out. 

But before that, here’s a question for you: Do you want to know the simplest or most effective way to make your Poshmark startup successful? 

Lucky for you, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds through just one app. Yes! it’s possible through one of the apps that you see on almost everyone’s phone now. Don’t think about it too much because… 

It’s none other than Instagram!! 

Why the Instagram platform for Poshmark? 

Alright so, why specifically Instagram for Poshmark? 

Well, let’s be clear about the fact that Instagram is one of the top, most-used apps around the world. Let’s look over some stats too now, shall we? 

So Instagram has about a billion (yes you heard it right!) user base right now. 

This means that there’s a high chance for you to find your potential customer for your Poshmark closet. 

It’s everywhere!! And it has recently taken over the social media platform in a frenzy. Everyone’s using it and everyone knows about the glitz and glamour ‘for the ‘Gram’. 

That’s exactly what you, as a Poshmark seller, want for your closet. Taking advantage of Instagram ads and its platform for promoting your Poshmark closet is a step forward to a potential advantage. 

You may be doing it ‘for the ‘Gram’ initially but it’s gonna keep you on your toes and in line with other competitors as you go further. 

Instagram business account- A step into the main game 

People take Instagram seriously. You can’t afford to ignore the staggering business stats that Instagram has generated in the past times and is continuing to do so. 

As a Poshmark seller on Instagram, you need to have an Instagram business account for starters. This is an important step per se because this is what will make you stand out from regular people and their accounts.

Think about it, your main goal is selling on Poshmark through Instagram. 

This makes Instagram a good market for your Poshmark selling and promotion. 

However, the ads are the main deal here. And you can easily post ads related to Poshmark on Instagram if you have a business profile set up. 

Because believe it or not but around 72% of people have ended up buying something that they say on Instagram. That’s a big percentage of people! 

This opens up quite a few avenues for you, a Poshmark seller on Instagram. 

So let’s see how your Instagram ads/promotion can help your Poshmark closet to grow. 

Meeting Your Objectives 

Okay so imagine you’re a Poshmark seller on Instagram and you want to grow your business. 

What would be your goals? A good reach, more engagement, customer traffic, leads, or conversions? 

You need to sort this out first and then move forward because Instagram can do it all for you. Therefore, setting your priorities with the ads is the way to move forward. 

But no matter what your goal is for your Poshmark closet, Instagram ads will make it happen for you. In turn, a great way to help your Poshmark closet to grow. 

Generating the right traffic for your Poshmark closet to grow

Just like keeping your Poshmark closet updated for every season, it’s important to generate the right kind of traffic to your closet as well. 

This is important because these are your ‘buyers’ out of the many ‘users’ and ‘visitors’. 

You can customize your Instagram ads at a low cost for Poshmark to attract people that would have a higher chance to buy something from you. 

This requires you to enter all the details of the ‘right audience’ before you post an ad or a sponsored post. 

The demographics, the age group, etc are some of the things that Instagram’s algorithm will take into consideration.

The result? More people heading over to your Poshmark closet and helping it grow big. 

Doing it your way

You can’t ignore the fact that Instagram ads give you a whole lot of freedom as compared to other platforms. 

What does this freedom mean? It simply means that you can choose how your ad is posted. This makes it easier for you to work your way through the whole process. 

There are a few options that you can choose from. All of these are to be paid for of course but trust us when we say: it’s worth the investment. 

Anyways, this includes:

  • Photo ads 
  • Carousels 
  • Video ads 
  • Story ads 
  • Slideshow ads 

You can choose the type of ad that suits your Poshmark closet and your budget. 

While photo ads are a great way to show off each product, carousel ads are better for displaying multiple products in a single post. 

Similarly, every ad category has its perks. However, the biggest perk of all this is for your Poshmark closet at large. 

In the start, people were only able to see posts from other people they follow but since the commencement of Instagram ads, all posts are visible to all users. 

Additionally, the Call-to-Action (CTA) feature will directly take users to your Poshmark profile. Thus, greater chances of sales per click. 

Instagram Influencers to your rescue 

Influencers make up a considerable ratio of Instagrammers out there. 

That’s because it’s undoubtedly the perfect stage to get people involved in your content and gain some dollars out of that. 

These people are the ones who have it all cracked and are already set with a huge audience on Instagram. 

This idea can work wonders for your Poshmark closet indirectly as well. Since Instagram is the go-to platform for many influencers, you can find your way to promote your closet through these people. 

But how will it help your Poshmark closet? 

It’s no surprise that these ‘influencers’ and ‘content creators’ have a very loyal fan base. People trust them and their words so why not use that as your advantage? 

All you have to do is find people who have huge ‘following’ numbers and convince them to promote and post about your Poshmark items on their profile or stories. 

Trust us, this little investment can give far more exposure than the ads. You’ll even get to know what people are liking from your sponsored post through all the comments as well. 

Keeping up with the competitors 

You may be new to using Instagram for Poshmark reselling but not every one of your competitors is. 

Lots of Poshers already use Instagram ads and posts to promote their products on Poshmark. This is good for you because this way you can keep an eye out for your competitor’s activity and closet items. 

You can further narrow down what items are selling well on their profile and what people are demanding. Ultimately, quite an effective way to help your Poshmark closet to grow. 

Getting your stats sorted 

Stats are important in business. You need to know how well people are responding to your products, what’s the engagement level, what products/brands, etc are doing good overall. 

But sadly, Poshmark does not provide a comprehensive report or anything of that sort. So how do you continue with running your Poshmark closet without any statistical feedback? It’s not worth it. 

But there’s no need to worry because, with Instagram ads, this issue can be set aside. Through the Instagram ‘Insight’ feature, you can easily track your metrics and overall activity. 

This puts forward all information you need for your Poshmark closet to grow. 

It’s almost amazing how it breakdowns every bit of interaction, engagement, and impression that people have been doing on each post. 

Also, guess what? You’ll also find what your top posts are for each week.

In short, it’ll give you a clear picture of how well your content is doing and what more you need to do or what you need to continue. 

Teaser tales on Insta for Poshmark 

Coming onto these little features of Instagram ads. The bottom line is that you want people to head over to your Poshmark closet through your Instagram ads. 

This means that you need to keep a little element of surprise for your audience until they finally land onto your main Poshmark page, right? 

Well, in that case, these Teasers are exactly what you should be going for. 

Instagram ads can be molded in any way that you want them to. Be it in the form of a video, a story, a carousel, or simply a picture. 

It’s almost like an indirect advertising tactic because you’re not technically asking the audience to buy from you but you are urging them to at least have a look. 

This leaves you plenty of room to adjust some BTS shots from your Poshmark closet. 

What this will do is that it’ll leave a bit of curiosity and excitement in the audience regarding your closet items. You can use this opportunity to offer discounts as well. 

They’d want to know more but they can’t until they click the link to your Poshmark closet on the ad. Once they do, you have higher chances to convert that visitor into a customer. 

Thus, a little product tease does not harm but instead attracts the right ones. Altogether, it’s a great way to pull our customers through Instagram to your Poshmark closet for a chance at making those bucks! 

How cool does all that sound? Trust us, Instagram promotion/ads can take your Poshmark closet level up high. 

It’s not gonna happen overnight or in the blink of an eye but you have to leap of faith to help your Poshmark closet to grow. 

It’s time to ignite your way to making it big on Poshmark. Let the ‘gram do its thing!!

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