How to do Flash Sale on Poshmark in 2021?

how to do flash sale on poshmark

You will come across lots of articles over the internet for ‘how to earn fast through Poshmark selling’ but none of them will be comparable to this one. Trust us when we say that Poshmark flash sales are one of the smartest things you’ll get involved in (after becoming a Poshmark seller of course!). 

So let’s get started with a little intro to this idea of a successful Poshmark flash sale and subsequently tell you how to do it all! Don’t worry, it’s super easy yet with a very fruitful result. 

What is a Poshmark Flash Sale like? 

Let’s start with getting familiar with how and what is a Poshmark flash sale. 

So in the simplest words, we could say that the Poshmark flash sale is a temporary or a limited-time sale event for your closet items.

This means that you, as a Poshmark seller, have all the control over your Poshmark flash sale’s outs and about’s. 

You can start a flash sale at any time and also decide when it ends. Moreover, it’s also you who gets to decide what you want to keep on sale. 

Similarly, the pricing and listings are also to be decided by you. But here’s the question: what’s in it for you? What would you get by doing a flash sale on your Poshmark account? Keep on reading to unlock this pandora box. 

Poshmark Flash sale: what’s good in store for you?

Okay, so what’s the point of doing a flash sale? Well, there are quite a few benefits stored for Poshmark sellers in this.

Firstly, flash sales are for a limited time e.g., let’s say 24hrs, etc. Since you have a limited amount of time at your hand, it’s a good way to get your closet items to sell out in a short period.

Secondly, Poshmark flash sales are a GREAT way to get rid of stuff in your closet that has been laying around for a rather long time. Time to get clear out space for new and fresh inventory!

Thirdly, it’s a way to EARN more in less time! Yes, this is true. Even if it is a sale, you are selling out stuff, right? So you are making money, that too, within that limited time frame.

You may not be making A LOT of money (or maybe you could!) but you are making more than you would on a regular day so that’s a big plus!

But how to go about all the steps for a successful Poshmark flash sale now? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our step by step process. Here’s how to do it and do it well: 

Make a listing for the Sale

This has to be your first step, hands down. Listing here means that you need to make a separate category of your sale items from your closet. Keep in mind that these items are the ones that you’re intending to put up for the sale.

Making a good listing with all the items has to be your initial step to a successful Poshmark flash sale. Here you can smartly keep all the items and products that have been lying around in your closet for a long time but haven’t been bought.

In this step, you also gotta make your listings a bit more interesting than usual days. So for advertising purposes, you can make a separate catchy banner for your listing. 

Pro-tip: Use the App called ‘Typorama’ for making some cool customized listing banners. 

Use the power of your Social Media

The power of social media is immense and you can’t miss out on using it for your benefit. People make it big just by using the social media platform properly (and cleverly!) so why shouldn’t you?

Use any social media network you’re on to let people know that you’re having a flash sale going on at your Poshmark account.

Post it on your Insta story or send snaps to your friends on Snapchat to gain an audience.

You never know how many people might get interested just by viewing your posts. You can also set an event on Facebook events for your Poshmark Flash sale.

This would automatically send a notification to those who are interested in your event as soon as it goes live. 

Pro-tip: Post about your sale on different social media platforms a day or two before the actual sale day. 

Keep your Profit Margin

This goes without saying, you should keep a profit margin for yourself as well. But that doesn’t have to be a big one you know. 

Since flash sales are for a short period and your main goal is to sell your items, your profits may become less than you expect on regular sales.

 But even then, it’s not wrong to keep a little profit for yourself. A dollar or two won’t hurt anyone, right? 

Offer bundles and Discounts

You want to conduct a flash sale but there’s nothing to attract the buyers? That doesn’t add up at all! 

When thinking of doing a Poshmark flash sale, it’s always better and more profitable when you make interesting bundles or offer some big discounts. 

A great way to go about with bundles is by giving your buyers a little freedom. How so? By letting them choose things from your closet in the form of bundles. 

Something like a 4 for $25 or 6 for $35 offer will surely get a lot of attention from people who have been eyeing your closet items. Because let’s be real here, who doesn’t like a bit of pick and mix while shopping, right? 

Set the ‘time’ for your Poshmark Flash Sale

The ‘flash’ in Poshmark flash sale stands for the short time limit of your sale period. 

By setting a rather short time for your sale is to attract potential buyers and make faster sales. It’s all on you to decide how long your sale will continue. 

It could be for 24hrs or 36hrs but keep in mind that it shouldn’t be live for too long otherwise there won’t be any excitement and technically, it won’t be a ‘flash Sale’ per se. 

Since these sales do not last long, you might even be able to attract customers who are here just there because of their major FOMO (Fear of missing out). 

They may even make impulsive purchases just for the sake of buying and to avail your ‘limited-time bundles’. But it’s all good for you because, at the end of the day, you’re making the bucks! 

We’d suggest experimenting once or twice with different validity timings. This way you’ll be able to find the perfect Poshmark flash sale time limit for your closet! 

Reach out to the POTENTIAL Buyers 

Yes! Sometimes you have to go a step ahead to get more buyers to your closet for the sake of your flash sale. This includes reaching out to people and buyers with who you’ve interacted previously. 

You can also share your flash sale and items to the people who’ve previously liked any of the closet items. 

Offering them discounts and bundles behind the name of a Poshmark flash sale might get you an extra sale here and there. 

People also tend to make their bundles when they’re interested in a few items but not all of them end up making a purchase. 

So what you can do is copy and paste your flash sale to their account in case they want to get their hands on any of the items that they previously showed interest in. 

Engage with your Audience

The final step in your Poshmark flash sale has to be your engagement with your audience. 

Poshmark holds a large audience and people are constantly squirming and scrolling through different products. 

When someone does show interest in any way whatsoever in one of your products, you gotta keep them interested. You need them to purchase from YOUR flash sale. 

The most fruitful way to do this is to stay on your toes. Not literally of course but we mean it in the form of staying active and approachable during the sale time.

If they (the buyer) likes a product, comment under the product and ask if they’d like any more details. Inquiring about any further questions that they may have about your items is also a good way to engage. 

As soon as you get a notification from anyone during your flash sale, you shouldn’t waste any time and get on with the interaction phase. 

Be there for them and this will help you gain credibility as a good seller. On top of that it will keep the buyer in a loop until they buy the product! 

Remember, the more you interact, the more are your chances of making a sale. 

So there you have it sorted! That’s how you go about doing a super successful flash sale on Poshmark! These steps will get you started on a good note but you can always adjust to what’s more convenient and do-able. 

However, keep in mind that a Poshmark flash sale is not only a way to make faster sales but also to gain a lot of experience as an overall seller. Choose and decide everything smartly (or just follow our simple guide)! 

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