How to Cancel an Order on Poshmark

How to Cancel an Order on Poshmark

Order cancellation is part and parcel of any online marketplace, and so is the case with Poshmark. It doesn’t matter if you are a buyer or a seller, there are times when you just want to cancel the order that you ordered or received. However, you might not know how to cancel an order on Poshmark.

So to help you out, we bring you this Poshmark order cancellation guide in which we will discuss in detail how to cancel an order on Poshmark as a buyer and as a seller. So let’s start:

Is It Possible to Cancel an Order on Poshmark?

Yes, it is indeed possible to cancel an order on Poshmark, and this option is available to both buyers and sellers within the platform. Poshmark has carefully established a clear set of rules for order cancellation that must be followed by both buyers and sellers on the platform. These rules serve as guidelines to determine under what circumstances an order can be canceled.

For buyers on Poshmark, the process of canceling an order involves adhering to the order cancellation rules. If the ordered item is not shipped by the seller, buyers may have the opportunity to proceed with canceling their order. However, buyers need to familiarize themselves with the specific rules and timelines associated with canceling an order to ensure a smooth experience.

Order Cancel Poshmark

Similarly, sellers on Poshmark also can cancel an order. This, however, is contingent upon following the same set of cancellation rules. If the item has not yet been shipped to the buyer, sellers have the option to cancel the order. Sellers should be mindful of the guidelines provided by Poshmark and take appropriate action within those guidelines.

Remember that once an item has been marked as shipped, whether you are the buyer or the seller, canceling the order is not possible. Therefore, it is important to decide on order cancellations before dispatch of the ordered item.

How to Cancel an Order on Poshmark as a Buyer?

If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve used Poshmark’s “Buy It Now” feature to make a purchase but have a change of heart, there is a way to cancel your order. You can cancel your order if it hasn’t been shipped yet and you initiate the cancellation within 3 hours of making the purchase by calling it an “accidental purchase.”

How Can I Cancel an Accidental Purchase?

  • Open and Poshmark app and log in to your Poshmark account.
  • Tap the Account Tab (@username) on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Tap “My Purchases.”
  • Tap the order that you want to cancel.
  • Tap “Problems / Order Inquiry.”
  • Then, tap “Accidental Purchase.”
  • Lastly, tap “Yes” to cancel your order.

Remember, that if 3 hours are passed since the time you place the order, you can’t cancel your order using the “Accidental Purchase” option.

How Can I Cancel My Poshmark Order after 3 Hours?

If your Poshmark order hasn’t been shipped and you used the offer seller method for purchase then there’s still a possibility to cancel the order even after the 3-hour timeframe.

For that, you need to get in touch with the seller you ordered from and make a polite request to him to cancel your order.

Can I Cancel My Poshmark Order Before 7 Days?

In most cases, Poshmark sellers dispatch the ordered items within 2 to 4 days, and you know that once the item is shipped you can’t cancel your order. However, if your order didn’t get dispatched within 7 days by the seller then you can contact him and still ask him to cancel your order.

Can I Cancel My Poshmark Order After 7 Days?

Poshmark has a policy that they automatically cancel an order that hasn’t shipped within 21 days by the seller unless the buyer has already canceled it.

So as a buyer, you have the right to cancel your order if the item hasn’t been shipped within 7 days from the purchase date.

How to Cancel an Order on Poshmark as a Seller?

Order cancellations aren’t always from the buyers. There are situations where even sellers have to cancel orders such as running out of stock or the listed item is priced wrongly.

Fortunately, Poshmark empowers sellers to cancel any order that they receive. Here’s how to do it:

  • Log in to your account in the Poshmark app.
  • Tap the Account Tab (@username) on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Tap “My Sales.”
  • Tap the order that you like to cancel.
  • Tap “Problems / Order Inquiry.”
  • Tap “Cancel Order”
  • Then, tap the reason why you are canceling the order.
  • Lastly, tap “Yes” to cancel the order.

How Do I Refund the Buyer for the Cancelled Order on Poshmark?

When a seller cancels an order on Poshmark, the platform automatically processes a refund for the buyer using the same payment method that she paid with. However, in some cases, buyers may get a refund in the form of Posh credits. As a seller, you are not required to do anything to refund your buyer.

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