How to Bundle on Poshmark?

How to Bundle on Poshmark

Poshmark has revolutionized the way people buy and sell fashion online. It’s a bustling marketplace where individuals can clean out their closets or find fantastic fashion deals. One of the platform’s unique features is the ability to bundle items, allowing buyers to purchase multiple items from a single seller in one transaction. This not only simplifies the shopping experience but also offers the opportunity for both buyers and sellers to save money. In this blog post, we’ll explain how to bundle on Poshmark and how it can help you as a seller to scale your reselling business on the social commerce platform.

What is a Poshmark Bundle?

A Poshmark Bundle is a feature on the Poshmark reseller platform that simplifies the process of buying and selling multiple items within a single transaction. Reseller platforms like Poshmark are unique because they involve multiple individual sellers offering their items in one marketplace. This setup makes traditional online shopping cart methods challenging to implement since purchases need to be separated by the seller’s identity.

Poshmark Bundles address this challenge by providing a convenient and efficient way for buyers to purchase multiple items from the same seller in a single transaction. There are several key advantages to using Poshmark Bundles:

  1. Discounts: Buyers can take advantage of discounts when they purchase multiple items from the same seller in a bundle. Sellers may offer reduced prices or bundle discounts as incentives to encourage buyers to combine their purchases.
  2. Combined Shipping: When buyers create a Poshmark Bundle, all the items included in the bundle are shipped together in one package. This results in cost savings on shipping fees and a more environmentally friendly shipping process.
  3. Seller Efficiency: Sellers appreciate bundles because they can sell several items in one go and only need to prepare and ship one package. This streamlines the selling process and reduces the time and effort required for fulfillment.

To attract bundle sales, sellers often focus on maintaining a diverse inventory with a variety of items available in each size. Having multiple items in the same size and style in their online store increases the likelihood that a buyer will find multiple items they like and need, which can then be bundled together for a more convenient shopping experience.

How to Bundle on Poshmark as a Seller?

1- Access Your Poshmark Settings

  • Start by opening the Poshmark app on your mobile device or visiting the Poshmark website on your computer.
  • Log in to your Poshmark seller account if you aren’t already logged in.

2- Navigate to “My Seller Tools”

  • In the Poshmark app, tap on the profile icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen to access your account.
  • On the Poshmark website, click on your profile picture or username at the top right of the page to access your account.

3- Access “My Seller Discounts”

Once you’re in your seller account settings, locate the “My Seller Tools” section. In this section, you should see an option called “My Seller Discounts.” Click or tap on this option to access your discount settings.

4- Set Bundle Discounts:

In the “My Seller Discounts” section, you will find the settings that allow you to create and customize bundle discounts for your closet. This is where you can encourage buyers to purchase multiple items from your closet by offering them a discount.

You can typically set the following bundle discount options:

  • Number of Items: Define how many items a buyer needs to bundle to qualify for a discount. For example, you can set a discount for buyers who purchase 2 or more items.
  • Discount Percentage: Choose the percentage discount you want to offer. Common options include 10%, 15%, 20%, or any custom percentage you prefer.
  • Minimum Purchase Amount: Specify a minimum total purchase amount that must be reached before the bundle discount applies. This can be a set dollar amount or a percentage of the original price.
  • Additional Shipping Discount: Some sellers choose to offer an extra shipping discount when buyers bundle items. This can be an additional incentive to make a purchase.

5- Save Your Changes

After customizing your bundle discount settings, make sure to save your changes. This ensures that your new discount offers are active and visible to potential buyers.

Final Words

Bundling on Poshmark is a fantastic feature that benefits both buyers and sellers. It simplifies the shopping experience, allows for potential savings, and can help sellers clear out their closets while increasing sales. Whether you’re a seasoned Poshmark user or a newcomer, understanding how to bundle effectively is a valuable skill that can enhance your experience on the platform. So, go ahead, explore Poshmark, and make the most of bundling to save money and boost your sales.

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