How Facebook Ads help your Poshmark Closet to Grow?

Grow Your Poshmark Sales Facebook

Facebook ads can help you earn on Poshmark? Sounds a bit unrealistic, we know but stick with us to discover how. 

Okay so, getting the right kind of kick to your Poshmark closet may seem a little daunting or rather confusing in the beginning. But we all know that you do need it. Your closet won’t just magically turn into the most successful one overnight nor can you expect it to. 

So just like every good thing takes time to get into the best form, your Poshmark closet and reselling business does too. But here’s the deal, what if you find other ways to help the growth of your Poshmark closet? 

While there are many such options out there, Facebook ads are one of our top fav ones! We’d be fair to you: It may seem like a costly investment at first which has no guarantee of a quick fruitful outcome. However, by using the Facebook ads in the right way, this mindset will take a full 360 degrees U-turn for all Poshers out there. Let’s find out how! 

Why Facebook ads? 

Here’s the first and most important question: Why Facebook? Well, because it’s one of the most used social apps. 

Think about it, who doesn’t have a Facebook account? Who doesn’t scroll through Facebook at least once every day? Probably no one at this point. 

And how does that benefit you as a Poshmark seller? 

You get a chance to get your audience from the Facebook community! With about a billion people actively using it, running a simple Facebook ad can take your Poshmark closet from level 1 to up and above! 

But the thing that makes it so good is the fact that Facebook encourages such promotions. So how do you link your Poshmark to Facebook? It’s simple: Through Ads! 

The Ads Manager linked to Facebook is all about promoting businesses through Facebook Ads. This is exactly what you’re looking for to grow your Poshmark closet! 

Let’s see how these Ads make it all happen for your Poshmark Closet! 

Targeting the ‘Right’ Audience

Let’s be real, you can’t help but agree that Facebook’s targeting capabilities are beyond impressive. 

It’s true! Facebook ads can be customized and targeted to audiences even at a micro-level. This means that you can even target your competitor’s customers through your Poshmark Closet ad on Facebook. 

Not only that but you can also sort out your target main audience (the buyers) out of the visitors. Facebook’s algorithm is advanced enough to target your preferred audience on any basis. 

Be it for a specific age group, interest, or location, your closet ads will find the right audience from the lot. And that’s what you ultimately want right? The buyers come to your Poshmark closet and help you grow your business! 

Customer Engagement from Poshmark to Facebook 

Okay, we know that Poshmark itself offers a good amount of buyer-seller engagement. But is it enough for your closet to grow big? Well, you’d want to reconsider your options here because it isn’t. 

Facebook ads are a step forward to this aspect of Poshmark selling. They do this by giving opportunities to the sellers of businesses for customer engagement. So the only thing that makes a difference here is the platform that you’re using aka Facebook ads. 

Now since Facebook is a trusted platform, this will help you ‘retain’ your customers. In turn, you’ll have increased sales and more importantly, a full-fledged growing Poshmark closet! But remember, it does take time and you do have to run some test ads before getting in the rhythm. 

However, once you get a hang of it, these ads will lead you to some trusted buyers. They will eventually head over to your Poshmark closet and contribute to its growth! 

Accurate Analytics 

Okay so when you invest in an ad for your Poshmark closet, you’d want to know how it’s doing, right? You’d want to know what’s working and what’s getting attention from people so you could manage your closet accordingly.

But where Poshmark doesn’t give you any such reports on the app itself, you can get it by running a Facebook ad.

Therefore, to keep you updated, Facebook provides a full report of your ad’s performance. This way you won’t have to make assumptions over how well things are going and how fruitful it is. Why? Because the Ads Manager sorts it out and lays it down for you. 

From the number of likes to the post reach the post-engagement, everything comes right in front of you! 

But how does it help your Poshmark closet to grow? Well, you’d know your shortcomings and it’s a great way to improve in places that you’re lacking! 

Extensive Reach 

Believe it or not: Facebook has a huge user base! This means there are a lot of people using it every day. 

But to get to those people, simple posts aren’t enough. The idea of ‘organic’ reach is just a bubble that you must get out of if you want to make your Poshmark closet grow. Even the most consistent efforts won’t get you a good organic reach. 

So where do Ads fit in here? It’s simple: These ads ensure that you achieve the maximum reach. Of course, that requires you to invest a little but trust us, it’s worth every buck! 

Hit your Objective 

What are your objectives as a Poshmark seller? Do you want some engagement in your closet or do you want more likes? Once you have it sorted, Poshmark Facebook ads are your way to victory. 

They’re so simple and so customizable that you can choose everything according to your need. The audience, the budget, the kind of ad, and the time frame, all are under your control. 

This is like controlling how your Closet performs on other platforms but here, it’s in the reflection of an Ad. Once you do that, Facebook ensures that you hit your objectives in the best way possible. Do you want more engagement in your closet and some serious buyers? You got them! 

You get to optimize your ad for the most fruitful result that will help your Poshmark closet to grow! 

Recapture Customers 

This one seems a rather technical feature but let’s simplify it for you. What does a loyal customer mean to you? Probably the world, right? 

It’s a great feeling when you have someone who comes back to your closet for more purchases. But you can’t always guarantee that they will more than once. With Facebook ads, this is possible! 

These ads will be micro-targeted to people who have visited your Poshmark closet before. Thereby, increasing your chances of making a sale solely through running a Facebook ad related to Poshmark. 

But you have to be patient with this one because a one-time ad on their screen will not push them to visit your closet again. 

Also, you have to make sure that your Facebook and Poshmark go hand in hand until you hit the sweet spot for your earning rhythm. That’s when things will start to fall in place! 

More for Less 

While you’re doing so much to help your Poshmark closet to grow, Facebook ads are just another great effort. But at a rather lower price point than others. 

Each ad that you post on Facebook will probably be more budget-friendly than anywhere else on the internet. Moreover, the CTA (Call-to-Action) button feature on Facebook ads is unbeatable. So technically, you’re investing less on Facebook ads to earn you big on your Poshmark setup. 

It can take people directly to your Poshmark web page with a single click. This can help your Closet to grow tremendously because let’s face it, you’re showing them the way. 

It’s like a small investment for a long-run outcome for your Poshmark closet. Thus, you’re getting more out of it! 

Facebook leads for Poshmark 

Leads. That’s what it’s all about, right? You want more and more people to help your Poshmark closet to grow.

So naturally, you’d want to attract the right audience for sales or people who are similar to your audience. These people are your ‘look-alike’ audience who are more likely to convert each visit to a sale on your Closet. 

How do you find these people? Well, you don’t have to because once you do find your target audience, it’s all on your Facebook ads to do the job. 

Facebook will then automatically find similar people to your target audience and ensure that your ads are visible to these people. The result? More chances of growth and sales.


Last but not least, this feature is what these ads are all about. Starting your Poshmark business may have been a piece of cake but how do you grow it into a successful one? By promoting it on other platforms! 

Facebook, hands down, is the best platform for that. And Facebook ads? Just consider them your sales catalyst. 

People are on their phones for hours and hours per day so why shouldn’t you take advantage of that? Scale up your Poshmark closet by using Facebook ads as your weapon! 

There it is! There are so many ways that a Facebook ad can help your closet to grow and flourish. Trust the process because it is the key to your success on Poshmark. All you have to do is to find what works for you and stay patient.

So what are you waiting for? Advertise your Poshmark business on Facebook now!

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