Poshmark ENL Bot – The Next Level of The Poshmark Bot

Poshmark ENL Bot - The Next Level of The Poshmark Bot

Poshmark ENL Bot – The Next Level of The Poshmark Bot

poshmark enl bot

The age of automation is officially here. You can now rely on automated tools like the ENL Bot to not only simplify the work process but also to save time for many of your online functions that need to be repeated daily to see targeted sale results. With the Poshmark Pro Tools ENL Bot, we have already started taking major steps in this direction.

The new automated ENL bot is the latest in this line-up of convenient tools featured. The tool has been developed specifically for Poshmark app users who are strictly following the 30 Minute Method to increase their listing leads. Tired of repeating the Edit Next List command repeatedly every day for increased closet views? The automated ENL takes the sting out of the repeated action but increases the listing results for your closets. Here is a look at the detailed features of the new ENL bot at Poshmark.

What is the ENL (Edit Next List) Process?

The edit next list options allows you to share your closet items without having to go through re-listing repeatedly. You can simply use the ENL process to send your closet listings to the top of the everyday feed each time.

You can use the feature multiple times a day, which will increase the number of times your items are actually seen by fresh target audiences. There is a direct proportional relation of the number of people seeing your listing to the number of sales you can get out of the process.

Golden rules to maximize sales on Poshmark while adding ENL to the mix

  • Always respond to every comment you receive on the listings all through the day.
  • Make sure your customer service option is always above reproach for all your loyal clients.
  • Be a regular at the Posh parties – especially the ones arranged between 8-10 PM (hours might vary according to time zones) every night. This 2-hour frame has a record of always contributing to the most sales for every lister who is a regular attendee.
  • Use the Poshmark automated ENL bot to share every listing of your closet starting from the last one to the most recent. Every listing should be taken through automated Edit – Next- List at least once. Where it used to take about 5 minutes to complete the action per listing, with the automated bot, it will take seconds now to be done with this vital step in your sales strategy, saving you a huge chunk of time in the process.
  • The ENL protocol is specifically important during the Posh Party timeframe so your entire closet finds its place of glory in the Posh Party Showroom for maximum attention during the event. In fact, Poshers have been tracked to be back at the showroom time and again throughout the party to browse and select products. Your listing featured prominently in the party showroom at the peak traffic hours will yield the best sales conversion results.
  • A drool worthy cover image for your listing will always be a great crowd-puller. However, make sure you only display what you are willing to include in actual sales.
  • You need to keep sharing your listing during the peak party hours and frequently throughout the day or your listing will lose its rank in the brand and eventually have lesser visitors.
  • The ENL bot simplifies the sharing option but please note that you can share (without editing) unlimited times on the platform. If you intend to edit the description, the brand or the category options, you can only use the ENL option 3 times for each listing in that case.
  • Combine the drop prices option with the ENL feature to popularize your closet sales. The best tip by Poshmark veteran sellers is to set a steady day for the sales. This could then easily become an anticipated affair amongst your followers. It creates a buzz when you use the ENL to start announcing the sale about a few hours ahead of time. During the set hours, it can be your peak sale momentum. The set hours will also ensure your sale trends towards the maximum during these days so you can also schedule your closet stocking and Poshmark scheduling accordingly.
  • Combine the price drop options with certain actions to positively reinforce the pattern. So, for instance, you can announce a 10% drop on prices on specific listings, which have collected more than 30-40+ likes. The price drop notification mainly goes to those poshers who have opted to like those listings. This encourages more followers to take interest in your weekly listings and to make sure they have liked the ones that have specific items that they covet. This way they can eagerly wait for the price drop opportunity at the set days of the week on individual listings.
  • Take the time to follow your followers back. It is a tedious process, which surprisingly yields immediate results with increased traffic to your closet listings.
  • Share listings that you admire to builds a loyal network of poshers on the platform. They will return the favor for your collections once you start connecting with them regularly making sure your listings gain a traffic boost. The ENL bot comes in to play here as well. You can also use the automated feature to set sharing goals. Each day make sure to complete a set number of shares without losing time in the three-step process. Instead, use the time for browsing through the many closets to scope out the best ones you like and then share those with your followers.
  • Finally, the Host-Pick showroom is another glaring opportunity to network on Poshmark. Do not forget to connect with the hosts that have impressed you with their hot picks. A positive community will always stand by you to give your collections a more likely showcase on their profiles. The best thing is the traffic boost is just an organic outcome for sharing some positivity and support around.

Share tips for max sales:

  1. Share your listings.
  2. Share other people’s listings (community shares) that you know will impress your followers.
  3. Share your closets most popular listings with a price drop feature to invite more followers to like your collections for such sale options in the future.
  4. Relist old collections, which still have items that have not been sold out (you can ENL these).
  5. Relist collections at alternate days to give a fresh breath of life to recent listings that still have products available for sale.
  6. Share collections of Host Picks.
  7. Share the active closet listings at a set frequency throughout the Posh night party hours or consistently bring the listing at the top of the page. Since this is a peak hour on the platform, do not underestimate the competition of shares coming in during this time. However, the ENL bot should be a godsend during this action strategy. Make sure though, to have a clean delay frequency between the shares to not overwhelm the community with awkward re-shares at rapid periods during the party (start slow, 10,15 then decrease gradually until you hit a sweet spot and you sharing at the same frequency as everyone else, it’s like entering a highway from an on ramp).

Main Features Of The Poshmark Pro Tools ENL Bot:

  1. Part of our main software package
  2. Listing Editor – The listing editor feature to allow for both whole closet and individual listing ENL. The feature also allows you to select multiple items to share and set them up in the module to let the ENL continue at a set frequency while you focus on other works.
  3. Keyword Search – You can filter your listings by keyword, singling out only the listings you would like to ENL.

If you are still wondering whether the ENL bot is for you, take the time to manually Edit- Next –List your Poshmark closet for a while. The dedicated benefits of the feature itself will hold a great sway on your decision to invest in the ENL bot from Poshmark Pro Tools. The ENL feature is quite possibly the most underused effective feature of the platform. The ENL bot exponentially increases sales on Poshmark.

If you are interested, get yours HERE!!

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