Poshmark Instagram – How to upload Poshmark Listings on Instagram?

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Selling On Poshmark Has Never Been Easier!

Now put your entire Poshmark closet on Instagram EASILY.



It’s not a Poshmark Bot,

it’s a simple software tool that does all the heavy lifting for you!

Research shows 25% increase in sales if your Poshmark listings are also on Instagram!

InstaPosh allows you to upload all of your available Poshmark listings to Instagram.

  • How does it work?
  • Open the software
  • Log into Poshmark
  • Enter Instagram Credentials (via software)
  • Input settings
  • Load listings into software
  • Select which listings you want to upload and delete the ones you do not.
  • Enter your hashtags /fix captions
  • Press upload to instagram

The software will then begin uploading all of your selected listings to Instagram.

The result is a clean & beautiful looking Instagram wall filled with your Poshmark products.

People will be jealous once they see how quick you can upload your listings!

Poshmark Instagram


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